VH1’s ‘Pop Up Video’ makes a comeback after nearly 10 years on Oct 3, 2011

When I saw the following commercial air on VH1 over the summer, I nearly peed in my pants!

(to be updated)

Make a lunch date with your TV (or set your DVRs) because VH1’s “Pop Up Video” is bizzack!!!  The series filled with “info nuggets” in old school cartoon clip art and set to the bubble sound that’s as addictive as popping bubble wrap (mmm! bubble wrap!) returns Monday, October 3, 2011 at 12pm ET/11am Central.  VH1 is set to air 60, 30-minute episodes so we should pretty savvy on our music lore by the end.  😉

I pre-screened the first episode, and the show has all of the elements that you’d recall when it went off the air in 2002 along with some necessary updates to bring the show into the land of social media with polls and user generated pop ups.  Be sure to “Like” their Facebook page to participate in polls, catch sneak peeks, and offer your 2 cents that could land you a spot inside one of those pop up bubbles.

Wet your appetites by checking out Britney Spears’s “Till the World Ends” done “Pop Up Video” style!

In the first episode expect to learn tasty info nuggets that will:

  • tell you the origins of gumboot dancing,
  • share the technical aspects of how a video was shot,
  • give info on your favorite music artists,
  • point out fun video cameos,

and more!

Want to try your hand at making your own pop up video?  You can on VH1’s website – CLICK HERE, and then share it with your friends on Twitter and Facebook!


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  1. I miss Pop-Up Videos. I don’t know why they took it off but it was a great concept. It added a little more to a video than just what the video had to offer. Now I have to watch more of VH1.

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