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Stacey Dash leaves VH1 hit series “Single Ladies.” Can season 2 carry on without Val?

The rumors have been running rampant about Stacey Dash being unhappy on the set of VH1’s scripted series “Single Ladies.” Now, the news is official that she will not be returning. In my opinion, Dash who plays the lead character Val and LisaRaye McCoy who plays Keisha are the only 2 carrying the show.

Interview with Style network’s ‘Big Rich Texas’ reality TV stars Bon and Whitney

Whitney is a 23 year old ex-pageant girl who shamelessly sports the word “c*nt” tattooed on her right foot and wants porn star boobs. Bon (“Bonnie”) has a PhD is Physiology, loves botox, and wants to dress like Lady Gaga on the tennis court. I’m talking about “Big Rich Texas,” y’all!

Interview with rising young pop singer Manika, currently on Shop Til You Rock tour

As soon as I watched Manika’s video for “Just Can’t Let You Go” featuring teen heartthrob from Cash Money Records, Lil Twist, it’s been buzzing around in my head as my “happy song” of the summer. It’s infectious, and I’m just 1 of her over 30,000 Facebook fans that think so.

SF Bay area death metal band Fallujah to release “The Harvest Wombs” on Nov 22

Death metal band Fallujah is getting ready to release their debut full length album “The Harvest Wombs” on November 22, 2011. This marks the San Francisco Bay area band’s first project since being signed to Unique Leader Records in March 2011. “The Harvest Wombs” is a departure from their earlier style

Indie artist spotlight: Interview with Amy LaVere

Amy LaVere is back with her third album entitled “Stranger Me” on the Memphis based label Archer Records…Dubbed by Spin as “the breakup album of the year”…On Sunday, August 7, 2011, the LaVere and I sat down just before her performance at Milwaukee’s Hotel Foster.