Aussie superstar tragedy narrowly averted at Whole Foods parking lot…in Nashville!

Joe Robinson Nicole Kidman Keith Urban Nashville

Just got this sent to me in the mail…

An Australian national tragedy was narrowly avoided today thousands of miles away from Sydney, the Outback, and the Great Barrier Reef. Academy Award winning actress Nicole Kidman and CMA Entertainer of the Year/Guitar God Keith Urban were startled in the Whole Foods Market parking lot by a car almost running into them. Ironically the car was being driven by “Australia’s Got Talent” winner and young guitar virtuoso Joe Robinson, (in Nashville recording his new CD) who was rushing to shop before his European tour. Robinson turned to his Twitter to proclaim his shock at seeing the Australian super couple at such a sudden and up close moment. All parties involved are fine, but one has to wonder if one Aussie guitarist was gunning for another. LOL 😆

Joe Robinson tweets about almost collision in Nashville

VIDEO: Joe Robinson “Midnight in Nashville”

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