I will have the House blend

by: Hamilton

The ear buds are in place. The volume is loud enough to drown out strangers’ inane conversations, but not too loud that you forgot that everyone, on whatever mode of public transportation you frequent, will hear if you decide that you are Tyrese in the late 90’s Coke commercial.

Depending on how far your commute, what you did the night before, or if you just find the sway of a subway car soothing, you may doze. You are not thinking about turning off the musical podcast that may or may not have been downloaded illegally. See by now, you are an open mouthed zombie. The battery on your player is losing its life slowly. You are on the cusp of dreaming about sex or fried eggs or whatever you wished you had before you left for work. If you’re a guy, you may even try to stick your hand down you pants. Dude! people can see you.

Suddenly through the haze of grog, comes a pulse. A snare follows. The patient swell of synthesized diva vocals emerge like Glenda the Good Witch from “The Wizard of Oz” appearing to Dorothy….You awake. You question the origin of the music first, then it genre. It is then you realize. Buddy, it has been a while, but you are about to be Housed!

Yeah MF’ers, House music is back, and it’s in your face!

Remember “Set it Off” by Strafe? Late 80’s. Smooth. Sweet. Heat. Within a second of audible recognition, it would grab me by the ear drums, pull me from the wall I was holding up, and throw me in the center of many a dance floor. Now we have Swedish beauty Robyn. Her song Indestructible has me punching the air. Running that extra mile in the morning. Keeping my head held high on days when I think I have had all I am willing to take. And she looks tough, like she would knee you in the face if you tried proposing to her. That’s pretty hot. David Guetta (DG), the pillar of layered rhythm, catapulted Kelly Rowland into a refreshed, but well deserved state of relevance and success. Now Ms. Rowland is high on “Motivation,” due in part to DG for seeing her talent as an individual. Yeah he has the nerd gene, but nerds can see in the shadows where greatness may lie. And to all the DJ’s from the seven continents, even you Antarctica, I give you non-sexual pelvic thrusts for resurrecting sounds that had been buried underground for nearly two decades.

So ride that bus, train or subway. Stick them buds in those canals and when you hear good House come over the generic music horizon, arise. Reignite the glow stick of your mind until you get to work.

Just don’t sing along. Cuz you think you sound good, but uh-uh.

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Hamilton is a freelance writer and artist living in the DC metro area.

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