MTV’s Real World to return to San Diego for its 26th season

Bunim-Murray Productions is bringing its MTVReal World” franchise back to San Diego for season 26 and will air in fall 2011.  The best resource for early cast sightings and spoiler buzz is to head over to and look under The Real World San Diego: La Jolla.  From what I read on, it seems like filming has already begun.

As so many of us have been asking about why the return to cities that the Real World has already filmed in past seasons, a Reality Blurred blog post mentions, “the show’s creator said is because the series ran out of cities with “fantasy appeal.”

The original Real World: San Diego was during the show’s 14th season and included cast members: Brad Fiorenza, Cameran Eubanks, Frankie Abernathy, Charlie Dordevich (replaced Frankie when she moved out), Jacquese Smith, Jamie Chung, Randy Barry, and Robin Hibbard.

  • Sadly, Frankie Abernathy, who left the season early from roommate drama, passed away in 2007 from her near lifetime with cystic fibrosis.
  • Brad Fiorenza is now married to Tori Hall whom he met while they were both competing on The Challenge: Gauntlet 3 and last appeared on The Challenge: Cutthroat.
  • Robin Hibbard had a baby back in 2009 and appears on the current season of The Challenge: Rivals paired with her rival Aneesa Ferreira.
  • I haven’t seen much of Cameran Eubanks since she did The Challenge: Battle of the Sexes.  Any updates on her are welcomed.
  • Similar to Cameran, Jacquese Smith participated on The Challenge: Battle of the Sexes II and not much is online about him after that.
  • Jamie Chung has had a successful acting career as you’ll read in her IMDB profile.
  • I found an interview on NextStepU from 2006 on Randy Barry but not much else.

VIDEO: Interview with Robin and Aneesa on The Challenge: Rivals (must’ve been taped before the first challenge)

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