KoldCast TV names World’s 8 Most Famous DJs

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Here’s an excerpt from the article I wrote for The KoldCast TV Blog:

Today’s greatest DJs are more than just headphones and turntables, they are superstars. DJs spend their time collaborating with artists, touring the hottest clubs in the world, working on soundtracks, experimenting with new sounds, merchandising, releasing compilations, and more. Their shows keep tens of thousands on their feet with a mixture of music, lighting, and special effects. As such, it has become a misnomer for DJs to append only the “DJ” title to their name. Many have dropped “DJ” to better represent themselves as all-around artists, writers, producers, and musicians.

Various DJ magazines, polls, and awards, honor existing and emerging talent. The series “A3 Nightlife,” for instance, celebrates their journey to superstardom, featuring DJs entertaining hordes of fans around the world. While some are undisputed favorites, to rank them in any particular order is difficult. Those listed below are among the cream of the crop…

(Want to know who I named? Read the full article – CLICK HERE)

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