KoldCast TV names 8 More Pieces of Exercise Equipment You Might Buy at 3am

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Here’s an excerpt from the article I wrote for The KoldCast TV Blog:

It’s 3:00 AM. All of the late night shows have already aired. A rather convincing infomercial plays to those in a fog between alertness and sleep. It features a piece of amazing exercise equipment promising the perfect body, or body part, in just a few minutes a day. High-energy male hosts have bodies so fit they can’t seem sneeze without flexing. Sexy female hosts don sports bras, teeny tiny tight shorts, super tone bodies, and perky yet sultry voices. To address any skeptics, medical professionals, celebrities, and paid actors disguised as everyday people affirm the product’s greatness. No one ever sweats.

Sure, you could turn the TV off and go to your nearest 24-hour gym, but mustering up the energy to face over-eager trainers and gym rats – like those in the comedy series “The Jim” – at 3am is more than what you bargained for when you put on those pajama pants. So, before dialing the phone or typing in the website address to place that order, wake up! Or, at least wait till the morning. Take a look at these “fitness” contraptions in the daylight before you buy.

(Take a trip down memory lane and read the 8 pieces of exercise equipment – CLICK HERE)

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