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    1. It was awe-inspiring to hear Steven’s heart be poured out into such arousing words, mainly the time he said to the girl in the wheel chair “He sings so good because he sings to you.” You could feel the aspiration of singer and the soul of Steven Tyler.

    2/3. “Great melody over great riffs is, to me, the secret of it all.” Could you get any deeper into life its self and the moment of figuring it all out? Steven Tyler is not just a singer, or a writer he’s an artist and a helluva good one.

    -Kayla Keenan

  2. Alison says:

    1) Favorite Idol moment… could there be just one of Steven??!?! Most entertaining judge on the panel, and I love that he finds a good point on everyone’s perfermances. He said in his rolling stone interview that he’s not here to judge them, and I love him because of that!

    2) “hells fire lights matches, f*!? a duck and see what hatches!”

    3) Jaded

  3. 1) When Steven leaped on stage to hug/kiss Jacob, calling him “Baby Luther.”

    2)/3) When he told Hayley that “if you keep up the good singing, you’ll be able to afford the rest of your dress.” I also like his new comment that he hopes “nice will be the new black.”

  4. I’ve been a fan of Steven Tyler and Aerosmith for many years but after watching Steven on American Idol from the very first night…I have a whole new respect for him!!!

    I have to say that my favorite Steven Tyler moment so far has got to be when he got up and met the one contestants fiancee in the wheelchair…He was so sweet to her and it just touched me.

    I can’t even begin to pick my favorite “Tylerism” because they’re allll so good! However, I do have to say that I love watching him listening to the contestant singing…how he closes his eyes and really feels the music.

    My favorite Aerosmith song…besides all the rest of them? Would have to be “Angel”

  5. Great contest!!

    1.My favorite Steven Tyler moment is when Scotty McCreery finished singing a song and Steven said, “I guess that’s your version of a Rolling Stones tune” and he added that he would like it if Scotty “Boot-Scooted” a little more. It was the first time Steven had a loaded comment in my opinion.

    2. I can’t remember who Steven said it to, but love when he said..”I’ve got leftover sandwiches under my bed older than you!”

    3. I think my favorite Aerosmith song would have to be “Walk This Way.”

  6. Oh, how I love Steven.

    1. My fave Idol moment was in the beginning when Steven would just start singing with the contestants. I think about how surreal that must have been!

    3. Of course Dream On!

  7. Steven Tyler has been my favorite entertainer for many years.

    1. Favorite idol moment – when he showed such compassion to Julie in the wheelchair.

    2. Favorite Aerosmith song of all time is Seasons of Wither. Also love his solo single “Love Lives”.

  8. My favorite Aerosmith is Cryin’.

    ‘I was cryin’ when I met you
    Now I’m tryin’ to forget you
    Love is sweet misery ‘

    Seriously? Awesome!

    I would LOVE to see Aerosmith live! 😀

  9. Love, Love, Love you! Your playful, lively soul, infectious laugh, your smile – that mouth. yummy.

    My favorite Aerosmith song, Walk This Way, inspired me to name my Relay For Life team after this song. Walk This Way is a group of nine fabulous women that have raised over $33,000 for the American Cancer Society over the past two years! We are one of the top fundraising teams in all of MA! We even auctioned off tickets to your summer concert two summers ago to raise money for ACS. I would love this autographed copy of your book to auction off. It would be hard for me to let it go but I know you would approve of the money raised going to a good cause. Thank you Steven. Your neighbor from Mansfield, MA. Halina xo

  10. Rebecca Lolley=langford says:

    I was crying when I met You.
    Spank my—- and call me Charley.
    I want a copy of his book how much is it?

  11. I entered last night but don’t see it here – did it get though to you? xo

  12. Halina- we already spoke via FB, but i did find your entry.

  13. Are you guise planning on giving out another one? Please:)

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