Archives for May 2011

The Sundance Channel and ELLE’s Joe Zee hit a home run with series “All on the Line”

I was a little hesitant to check out “All on the Line,” but after watching one episode I was not only hooked but inspired. I admire Joe’s ability to deliver criticism very directly while still having compassion as he sincerely has the designer’s best interest in mind.

Diggy Simmons releases single “Copy, Paste,” lands first BET Awards nomination

To be a true fan, I think you need to be able to be a critic, too..Diggy’s heading in the right direction with his music style, with a little auto-tune action in this song, but I have to say lyrics like “and they be trying to copy and paste me” as a hook just doesn’t work for me.

Walmart’s Straight Talk: Toy Dog commercial is too funny!

I am the person who carries her pampered teacup poodle around everywhere, gets his nails done, has a drawer full of outfits, and takes him on trips. With that said, I had a good laugh at Walmart’s “Straight Talk: Toy Dog” commercial where they have two manly male mechanics changing oil while holding their toy dogs.

15 year old rock artist Jack Skuller has a sleeper hit with “Love is a Drum”

15 year old Jersey native Jack Skuller is inching his way into the rock/pop scene. His first single “Love is a Drum” released on April 20, 2011 through indie label Bar/None Records and produced by Daniel Rey..was written by Jack when he was only 11 years old. The video..reminiscent of performances seen on The Dick Clark Show in the 1950s.

MTV changes their own rules thus condones violence on Real World Vegas. Dustin Zito-Mike Ross fight and Dustin says the “N” word

Let me get this straight, because Dustin Zito threw but did not land the punch (although it looks like he did when I watch it, and in this unedited version Mike shows that his lip was cut) at Mike Ross, there’s no need for an intervention by MTV.