Mom Dina Lohan announces Lindsay Lohan to drop last name

Hmm, I wonder if this is a move for Lindsay to distance herself from her current public perception as a druggy party girl with sticky fingers. Note the below announcement is according to Dina Lohan. You’ll see at the end that Lindsay declined to comment. ~Ifelicious

Lindsay Lohan reportedly plans to drop her last night and go by Lindsay only. The troubled actress isn’t the only one in the Lohan family who is planning a name change – mom Dina Lohan says she and daughter Ali are changing their last name to Sullivan.

“Lindsay is dropping the Lohan and just going by Lindsay. Plus, me and [younger daughter] Ali will be officially changing our last names back to my maiden name, Sullivan,” Dina told PopEater Friday.

An insider says Lindsay, Dina and Ali are looking at the changes as a way to “start over” and distance themselves from family patriarch Michael Lohan. “So many of the greatest people in showbiz are known by just their first name. Look at Oprah and Beyonce. Now you can add Lindsay to that list…And it’s a way for them all to start over. No one in the family want anything to do with Lindsay’s father [Michael Lohan] anymore and that includes sharing a last name,” claims the source.

Lindsay, 24, has not commented.

(source: TransWorldNews)

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