Ice-T’s protege KnightPKF does tribute song to incarcerated T.I. “Get Back Up” (video)

T.I. Tribute by KnightPKF

Rapper/Actor Ice-T‘s (twitter @FINALLEVEL) newest protege hip hop artist KnightPKF (PKF = Plenty Kash Flow) sends a tribute kite to iconic rapper T.I. while he is currently incarcerated.

“A yo what tip/I know you going through it/ I know you have to do 11 months because of music.”

Through this record titled “Get Back Up” originally made by rapper T.I. featuring Chris Brown, KnightPKF remixed the same record with passion and encouragement for the imprisoned rapper. In todays society celebrities are viewed as perfect beings, however, they are just human like us all.  According to Knight, “I had to write this and this from me to ya.” Knight expresses his deepest thoughts about T.I. and had to express that “Regardless of the fact, we out here cheering for ya.”

This record is definitely heartfelt and has a genuine message behind it all, no matter what you may deal with always “Get back up,” listen and watch how hip hop artist KnightPKF conveys his message to T.I.:

(source: Trio Entertainment)

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