Losing my Whooga Ugg-ginity and how you can win a FREE pair

Be sure to read the very end of this post to find out how you can win a FREE pair of Whooga Ugg Boots and/or use an Ifelicious discount. I got you, boo! 😉 ~Ifelicious

The boots themselves rival that of any UGG retailer, only they’re even softer, and warmer. And for those of you that love wearing boots all year, no problem! The wonderful Whooga boots circulate air in your feet in the warmer days, and keep you nice and toasty on chilly days. No more foul-smelling suffocated, and sweaty feet. (Review from Pearls of Wisdom)

People who follow me closely here and on my social media spots know that I enjoy taking cheap shots at the popular Australian UGG® boots as a bad fashion fad that won’t go away.  Well, I have a confession to make… Last week in Atlanta, I had a fashion emergency and raced to the shoe store hoping a southern city was still selling winter boots.  I tried on some sheepskin ugg (not UGG®) boots that were pretty cute, and they were SUPER comfy and warm.  I remember thinking, “Oh! That’s what everyone’s talking about,” and nearly bought a pair on the spot considering I live in Ohio and it’s winter.  This explains (I think) why I’ll see people rockin’ them all year round- even in LA.

America, you know this winter has been a b*tch-and-a-half with wonky cold weather and snow in places you wouldn’t expect.  I travel a lot, and find things that are comfortable, stylish, and can easily slip on/off when going through the security checkpoints a total advantage.

Folks, it is time that I lose my Ugg-ginity!!!

I’ve been researching different brands of ugg boots, and I ran across Whooga® Ugg Boots.  They’re out of the UK (www.whooga-eu.co.uk), but they do ship to the US.  They make a variety of styles for both men and women, in tall and short styles.

Here’s the pair I’ve been stalking.  I’m showing it in tan, but it also comes in grey, chocolate, and black.  This pair retails for $85 USD/€ 63.00 EUR.

But wait! There’s more! 😀

You can win a FREE pair of Whooga® Ugg Boots by subscribing to their mailing list or following them on Twitter.

I also shook some hands and kissed some babies so you could get a 10% discount for the next week (discount ends Feb 17, 2011) when you use the code 1426IFEL.  That’s just in time for Valentine’s day…or my birthday (Feb 25- mark your calendars! 😎 ).

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