Archives for February 6, 2011

Interview: MTV’s Abram Boise embarks on Star of Happiness Tour to promote literacy and autism awareness

Abram’s hit the road with a publicist, cameraman, sound guy, and I’m sure a few stragglers along the way. In his journey, he’s traveling to elementary schools, Head Start Programs, and autism schools in support of Autism Speaks across the midwest and east coast to read his book, “The Star of Happiness” to children while promoting literacy and encouraging young people reach for the stars- the book’s premise.

Conscious hip hop returns with DJ Revolution Presents: Malcom & Martin “Life Doesn’t Frighten Me”

DJ Revolution Presents Malcolm and Martin “Life Doesn’t Frighten Me released by Soulspazm Records and now available for purchase. Free download of debut single of “Movement Music.” Encouraged by the iconic men who fought for the every-man during a different time using different tools, the trio reverentially took on the moniker Malcolm & Martin as a siren call announcing new leaders armed with new tools to fight for modern-day liberation.