Hustle and Grow interviews Ifelicious for entrepreneurial podcast series

Those who really know me know that I try to stay away from being in front of the camera or on the mic.  I did make a very special exception for the magnificent host Clint Sprauve of Hustle and Grow ( for “Episode 8: This is Why Ifelicious Rocks!”  To top it off, I have the honor of being the first female entrepreneur featured on Hustle and Grow. Please go directly to listen to Episode 8, and I’ve also embedded it at the end of this post.

Ifelicious (a self portrait)

I know y’all are lazy, lol!, so I’ve broken down some of the highlights so you know exactly where to go for certain key topics we discussed:

  • Factors that influenced me to follow my passion of writing (first few minutes)
  • A day in my life (around minute 5)
  • Where you’ll find my work (around 7min 30sec)
  • My inspiration (around minute 8)
  • Using different forms of social media (around minute 10)
  • My experience interviewing Sugar Ray Leonard (around 11min 40sec)
  • How I get interviews with celebrities (around minute 14 and around 16min 30sec)
  • My dream of meeting Al B. Sure! (around 15min 20sec)
  • Advice to aspiring writers (around 17min 30sec)
  • My ongoing plea/dream to do the red carpet for the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) …eh-hem! hint hint!  😎 (around 18min 45sec)

Please take a listen and be sure to subscribe to Hustle and Grow on the right sidebar of the podcast main page (

Thank you Hustle and Grow!!!  😀


  1. Great interview! I wish I was brave enough to truly pursue my passion. Your interview has inspired me to do all I can, as I start my new gig in corp America, to ensure the culture enables everyone to have and use their voice. Proud of you girl, ACN alum rock!!!

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