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The A-List New York cast season 1

Preview for tonight’s reunion show hosted by Wendy Williams

I can’t tell you how much time I’ve spent over the last 7 days tweaking this blog post and all the sheets of paper where I’ve been collecting my thoughts on the show and the cast.  Not to mention, watching the season back over again.  Now, I’ve just decided to “get ‘er done!” so we can be ready for the reunion episode of “The A-List: New York” tonight with host Wendy “how YOU doin?” Williams on Logo.

Ifelicious Awards and Commentary…

Why Isn’t He In The Official Cast Because He Makes The Show Great Award:  * TJ *

What can I say?  TJ had me at “delicious” in episode 1.  His wit, unfiltered honesty, and a touch of conniving b*tch for dessert make him the entertainment glue so needed for a reality show to grab an audience.  Only TJ could pull off a stunt like tossing out one of Reichen’s pieces from his apartment makeover and making no qualms about it.

Cherub Award:  * Ryan *

Ryan Nickulas and husband Desmond Smith

I always think of a cherub when I see Ryan, and it makes me smile.  His maturity in situations gave me a glimpse into why he’s been so successful with his salon business and the only one in the clique that is settled down with a husband.  When everyone (besides Reichen and Mike) gave up on Austin, Ryan took Austin under his wings as his “little project” recognizing that Austin still had some growing up to do.  When the clique grew turbulent, Ryan seemed to speak with is eyes and a smirk that made us all wonder what he was really thinking in that moment.  However, it was never long before TJ, the yin to Ryan’s yang, chimed in and you knew where they both stood.

Sidenote: I’ve been in awe of Ryan’s skin since meeting him live and watching him on the show.  It just glows and you won’t find a blemish or wrinkle.  Tell your husband Desmond (aka “Mr. Big”) to keep funding those trips to the “dentist.”

Mean Girl Award: * Derek *

I wasn’t sure how I felt about Derek when the season started, but by the end, his role in the group dynamic made much more sense.  He definitely likes to “stir the pot” as he promised during my interview with him at the pre-season screening party in NYC.  His outspoken intolerance of Austin was delivered in a way that you had to take sides.  I label him “mean girl” because I see him as that popular guy who has a lot of influence on the people around him whether it’s for good or evil.  When TJ conjured up a reason for Derek to reconcile with Austin, it was for nothing more than “mean girl” pretenses as Austin would be someone to like and talk about behind his back purely for entertainment.

Villian Award: * Austin *

What’s a reality TV show without that one guy you love to hate?  He’s reckless, irresponsible, loves being nude, cute as a peach with those dimples, and who knew he could throw a punch?  Like his frienemy Derek, Austin also likes to stir the pot, and we ate up that Austin-Rodiney and Austin-Derek beef stew all season long.  Then the tears in the finale?  The fiancé and house back in England?  I’m still at a loss for words.  Maybe he should follow the advice of one of those modeling agents that suggested he consider a career in acting instead of haphazardly trying to slim down…although I’m digging you in this photo I snagged from your Facebook page.

Castaway Award:  * Rodiney, Reichen, Mike *

I use the term “castaway” to mean that the show really could go on without these three.  For most of the season, Rodiney always played the victim, and then got energized for his calendar project.  Who buys a pin up calendar in 2010?  That’s so 1983.  My Latin lover crush is wearing off with a quickness.  I can’t take away the fact that you’re hot, though.  😛

Reichen, you are a smart guy, so why are you trying to sing and act?  You know, it’s completely ok to write songs and let a seasoned singer sing them.  Between Rodiney’s antiquated calendar idea and you insisting on singing, I’m not sure who is influencing who in that relationship.  I don’t know what you and Rodiney’s relationship is like off-camera, but what we saw and heard you say over and over looked like you two don’t need to be together.  To be honest, the drama from you two really brought down the show, in my opinion, which is why I’m suggesting you both find another gig.

Mike, from the beginning, I questioned you being cast for the show.  You weren’t really present throughout the season; nor did you need a show like this to propel your undisputable A-list career.  Take the paycheck from season 1 and go back to your day job.  Your huge ego seems to come with the territory, but I found that it didn’t work well for television…or my taste.  You were like an annoying fly that kept buzzing near my ear that I wanted to swat.

Should there be a season 2?

Yes, I think there should be a season 2 for “The A-List: New York,” with some provisions.  As I’ve mentioned earlier in this post, TJ needs a new contract with a bigger paycheck and a spot on the official cast.  Drop Reichen, Rodiney, and Mike and pick up new folks to spice up the new season.  I’d prefer the new cast members not come from modeling and acting backgrounds.  Logo and show producers, just hit me up if you need my help with casting.  😉

I’d like to see Ryan and Desmond’s quest to have a baby featured more in the second season.  Also, I’d like to see more about Derek finding love.  What happened to the guy he met (was it Roberto?) at the party?  He seemed to disappear without explanation before the season ended. (update: see Brad’s comment at the end of this post for an explanation of when Roberto got “dumped.”)

Sidenote: I see that they’re doing a casting call for another season of “The A-List.”  Go to www.thealistcasting.com for details.

In that case, then I vote for a spin-off with Ryan and TJ just as TJ requested during my interview at the pre-screening party in NYC.

There you have it!  Now, I want to know what you’ve been thinking about this season of “The A-List: New York?”

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  1. Ife,
    Your take on this is spot on as far as I’m concerned. Ryan is the ONLY guy with whom I would want to hang out. Let’s get him elected! Your assessment of Derek is equally perceptive – run far, far away – the price of admission to his clique is too high. It’s difficult for me to watch this show because of all the squandered resources and capabilities – is this really all these men can dream up to do with their vaunted “fabulous-ness?” What this show needs is Tim Gunn, he would “make it work.”
    James Elmore, Stage Adapatation, Riverside´s last blog post ..The Chosen and the Beloved

  2. You weren’t paying close attention! Derek’s guy that he liked and was semi-dating got the boot after he blew them off for lunch when Derek was going to introduce him to the mother.

    It wasn’t very in your face but at that point Derek said something along the lines of “That’s a deal-breaker”.

  3. Brad- oh! i did miss that moment, but i’ll make a reference in my blog post to ready your comment here. thanks.

    James- it’s always good to see you stop through and comment. it’s the first season so i was a bit more forgiving about the settings they used for filming. i’m sure you know that those things tend to be a factor of who will let you bring cameras in their venue to tape the show. perhaps with more name recognition, they might have some more swanky filming spots in future seasons making it feel a lot more “A-List.”

  4. If you asked who I thought should be “replaced,” I wouldn’t have been able to pick one, but I picked the same three as you! Mike… just didn’t fit in, and like you said, he didn’t really need to be on this. Rodiney… I just can’t stand him! Reichen… he could stay, but only if Rodiney were gone. I follow all the cast members (I think) on Twitter and I guess the two of them are still together and “happy.” So I guess they can go together and do whatever they do that keeps them “happy” (which is not broadcasting their horrible relationship to the world!).

  5. Rodiney didn’t “play the victim”, he WAS the victim. His boyfriend disrespected him and went behind his back with other guys then made bad attempts to lie about it and to turn it around on him through tortured logic. Most of the cast ganged up against Rodiney and tried to bully him, ostracize him and destroy his relationship even though he was a pleasant, sweet, polite, harmless person. Their complaints against him were hypocritical because there wasn’t anything they were saying about him that couldn’t be said about at least one other person in the group as well. Rodiney was an easy target for bullying because his foreignness and skin color make him different, he’s nice, and he didn’t have power from money or fame or connections or cruelty. He expressed some hurt feelings and upset but he had legitimate cause and he didn’t make near as much fuss as many people would in his place.

    There wouldn’t have been near as much Reichen/Rodiney drama if the rest of the cast didn’t try to conspire to break them up, Austin refrained from stupid inappropriate nonsequitur rants about their relationship, and the guys weren’t always pumping them for relationship information and inviting them to vent then hypocritically bitching about the couple talking about their relationship.

    Bitchy attention whore queens are a dime a dozen. I’m ready to say goodbye to Derek and Austin. Next time they should get someone who isn’t like Austin blatantly just doing any random trashy thing that will let him camera hog more.

  6. I love you.

  7. Kel- thanks for sharing your thoughts with me. even though i don’t agree, i appreciate you sharing a different perspective.

    Joel- i love you, too! you’re a great and witty person, and i’m glad you took a moment to read my blog. readers, i’ll be writing more about Joel and the Sundance show “Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys” very soon. check him out on http://joelderfner.com and buy his books!

  8. ScaredMom says:

    I am posting from a mother’s perspective. My son recently came out to his father and I. We accept him, love him, respect him and really don’t care one iota that is gay. He is a good, decent man and that is all I care about. Plus, I have always had a suspicion that he might be gay so this was not a shock.
    Anyway, I decided to watch this show to learn a little bit about the gay male lifestyle and what my son would be up against as he went out into the gay scene.
    Oh my God…I am scared sh*tless. Please tell me this is not close to being “real”? Is this how gay men act? Seriously? Most of the men on this show need a good spanking, and not the kinky kind. They are rude, arrogant, self-centered and have no basic manners. Plus, their social skills are shockingly lacking as well.

    I feel so sorry for him if this is what he has to look forward to in life. Sigh….

  9. Joseph Edward says:

    Scared Mom:

    As a son in the situation you describe, I thoroughly understand and appreciate your concern and your voice.

    As a young, gay man living in New York City, I can tell you that ‘The A-List’ is, by no means, all inclusive of gay culture. The only thing that all gay men really share in common is their attraction to other men. Unfortunately, I had to learn that the difficult way.

    During my coming out experience, I tried to fit into the picture of what gay men were ‘supposed’ to be rather than being true to myself. It got uncomfortable very quickly. Even though I have interests and behavior that may align with the stereotypical image of my constituency, there are just as many things that are not.

    It’s a blessing for anyone to be surrounded by friends that have good heads on their shoulders and prefer to help each other instead of tearing each other apart. My friends happen to be other gay men.

    The best advice I can give you is to encourage your son to keep his eyes open, trust his instincts about people and be true to himself; his total self.

    Sending love your way!

  10. Scared Mom:

    It’s unfortunate that a show like “A-list” is how a lot of the world and you believe the gay culture to be, but I can assure you it isn’t so. That show is by no means a way to get educated on a complete analysis on what gay culture is like. Sure, what’s documented on the show isn’t completely false – there are those out there as Ife has titled “Villian”, “Mean Girl”, etc but I’m sure you knew those types of people in High School. The only difference is that most people just assume everything is as is and do not make an effort to go against the media.

    Turn on any reality show and see girls fighting, people having too much sex, drinking too much – I can easily ask myself “Is this how all straight people act”? But you and I both know that’s not true.

    I grew up in a loving / accepting home and by your reading your post it seems as though your son is too. In the long run your son is going to become who he wants to become, but if you give him a loving home, let him know hes accepted and don’t judge him he will make all the right decisions.

    I’m 27 yrs old, a photographer, live with my bf, loving, nice, foster animals, respectful – See, I’m just like you 😉

    I hope this comforts you.

    Ps. Rent the movie “MILK”. It’s a brilliant film about gay right.


  11. thank you Vincent. i hope ScaredMom has come back since posting her comment and read some of the responses.

  12. thank you Joseph for sharing your personal experience. hopefully all of the ScaredMoms out there will read your story and feel a bit more at ease.

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