MTV’s “The Real World” may end at season 26

UPDATE June 2, 2011: This post was originally written on October 13, 2010. It was based on an article I read at the time. Yes, we are all now aware that there will be more seasons of The Real World on MTV. While you’re here, check out some of my other Real World blog posts- CLICK HERE. ~Ifelicious

As we speak, “The Real World” season 25 is taping in Las Vegas and is scheduled to air in early 2011.  As opposed to The Palms from Real World season 12, this cast will be staying off the Vegas strip at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.  That worries me (lol, i sound like Tim Gunn) in that “The Real World” has lost its mojo and even MTV knows it.  According to a blog post on MM Agency’s site, “The Real World” is only planned up through season 26 unless there’s a significant ratings boost.  The good news is that RW: New Orleans (season 24) did better than RW: DC (season 23).  As much as I literally grew up watching “The Real World,” I am ready for it to end.  26 years seasons is one longer more than Oprah (although not in years).  It’s had a good run and needs to retire so they can revive it 10-20 years from now like “Degrassi Junior High” followed by “Degrassi The Next Generation” (not MTV shows, but you get the point).

On a person by the name “Greg” commented on seeing the current Real World Vegas cast out and about stating, “i saw them they were in the place at the vanity but you can tell it’s all [artificial] – they start yelling and then the camera turns off and they re-try the scene. just poor acting thas all.”  I still believe in unicorns and fairies and Santa Claus so I refuse to believe that reality TV is ever scripted, lol.  😉


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  1. I just wanted to point out that the Real World has been on since 1992. There’s not a clear season-to-year ratio going on with this show though 18 years is a long time.

    I think that the show should continue so long as douchebags like that Ryan kid exist and so long as someone’s got a problem with the gays that the world can watch and collectively think, “WTF?!” towards him or her.

  2. Leta- Ahh, good point on the season to year thing. I’ll make the correction in my post to avoid any further confusion. LOL, you sound like a reality junkie like myself. Sadly, there is an appeal to watching trainwrecks and bigots so we can yell at the screen, but reality TV in general is at a “been there, done that” phase to me. I need more than the predictable. Thanks for commenting. I’m looking forward to hearing from some other fans, too.
    ifelicious´s last blog post ..MTV’s “The Real World” may end at season 26

  3. Iv’e always had a problem fitting in even when I was younger but I never understood why? I played sports and were great at them, I sang, Danced, social the works… but there was something about me others & even myself just didn’t understand. I do & think things people my age don’t waste time doing.. I care about things a lot of people don’t! My grandmother says it’s because I’ve been through so much, but lets be honest who hasn’t been through shit? I’m turned 22 yesterday and everything I’ve ever heard, saw or done in this world I have absorbed & soaked up like a sponge and it’s to the point where I feel like I have to share it I HAVE TO GET IT OUT if I don’t I will self destruct! There are things I want to say because I feel like I need to get my point across, I need someone to take it and learn from it, I need someone to correct with if I’m wrong and not just shake their head if I’m right! My mind ranges from topics such as College relationships, to concerns about the world (plants & animales, resources) Money, to the way the Whole World System & way of thinking works! At times I swear I’m bi-polar! One day I’m trying to raise above the system and the limitations the world holds us to Than the Next I’m apart of it all! “I’m prisoner in my own mind & a victim of my own heart” (If that makes any sense!) I have REAL ISSUES because I’m living a real life.. with real events! I close friend of mines called me one day and told me to take a ride with her somewhere but she wouldn’t tell me where, we pulled up to a bar were I read a sign that said “Real World Casting Call”. I never consider being on real world but growing up I enjoyed the show because their were ppl I could relate with (but that stopped after the last vegas season) But the more I thought about it the more I grew interest! Being on the Real World could not only help me to drain my sponged mind and give ppl a chance to finally understand me BUT it would also give me the chance to reach out to others, share my stories, my opinions and most of all try to make a difference in THE REAL WORLD! If been to 3 casting calls so far and it all just seems so fake to me! The people auditioning as well as the staff asking us all the BS questions! I haven’t watched a real world episode in years and unless i’m on it I probably never will again… They’ve lost focus & touch on whats real & what matters, I’d hate for the 26th season to be the last simply because it kills my chance on making a break through but maybe them drawing it to a close it for the best! Besides they have Jersey Shore now… How real is that! lol p.s I saw you say you wanted other fans to comment lol sorry if this isn’t what you had in mind! p.s.s And me on facebook to read some of my thoughts (I promise it’s better than this post) & Twitter @TWadeBrooklynRO

  4. I think this site clearly states that the show has been renewed for the 27th & 28th seasons. It still garners decent ratings in the demographic it’s aiming at.

  5. jd- glad to know it’s been renewed. to clarify, i put this post up in fall 2010 based on the blog post on MM Agency’s site (linked in this post) which does state that the show was going to be canceled if there wasn’t a significant ratings boost.

  6. Actually, the “Real World” has been signed through season 28. So, Las Vegas Pt. 2 is season 25. We can expect at LEAST 3 more seasons of RW… How can you EVER get tired of it??? All different kinds of personalities create all different kinds of drama. Every season has been different in it’s own right. They only thing I’m not liking is that they’re reusing cities when there’s plenty of interesting NEW places that could host the show… Cape Cod, the Hamptons, Charleston, etc. I’m an east coast guy! 😀

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