Lauren Conrad: reality show, novels, PSA, Teen Vogue cover

I gotta give props to Ryan Seacrest who got Lauren Conrad to prematurely announce her return to reality TV last month in an interview on his show.  I recall hearing from a source affiliated with Lauren about how her camp was flipping out that she, in so many words, confirmed her comeback to MTV with a new show focused more on her career.

Watch the “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” clip below as Lauren is tries really hard not to spill the beans, but Ryan presses on.

Now, we know for sure, and taping began this month for the yet to be titled show.

“It’s going to be a little different from what I’ve done in the past,” Conrad told regarding her new MTV reality show, which was announced in late September. “It’s going to be shot more documentary-style, so it’ll be a bit more raw, which I really like because that’s kind of where reality started and I love that. It’ll be focused more on my career.”

She’s also stated:

‘I’m doing it on my own terms now. I get final editing approval. That was the only way I would agree to do it.’ (source: Mail Online)

In an on-camera interview with MTV (posted below), Lauren shares a couple of people that will likely appear on the show.  The first is her roommate, Maura McManus, and the second is her friend Gary Samuelian.  Both of them help run Lauren’s business.  Gary made a brief appearance on “Laguna Beach” back in the day and was also on MTV “Styl’d.”  He provides more creative direction for Lauren.  Maura is focused on the business side of things.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the show will cover Lauren’s new evening wear collection.  I’m not certain it’s for Kohl’s, where she’s been designing clothing, but I’m guessing that it is (I will update this when I find a solid resource).

Lauren is also on the cover of the November 2010 issue of “Teen Vogue.” It’s not a first for her to grace the cover of the magazine, but it’s cute to see her go from a once intern for the mag to someone they want to feature.  Here’s some behind the scenes footage from the “Teen Vogue” photo shoot.

Since Lauren left her life in front of the camera, she’s also been busy writing books.  Her first book was “LA Candy” and has been followed by “Sweet Little Lies: An LA Candy Novel” and “Sugar and Spice: An LA Candy Novel.”  “Sugar and Spice” is the end to the “LA Candy” series and hopes to one day turn the novels into a TV series (as reported in She also wrote a style guide called “Lauren Conrad Style.”  Watch her discuss the style guide below:

And here’s an interview where Lauren talks about her book “Sweet Little Lies.”

I found this anti-drug documentary/PSA for Natural High Online Film Series about Lauren’s life and the importance of staying out of drugs.  We all recall her on again off again boyfriend of yesteryear Jason Wahler who struggled with drugs and will be on the next season of VH1’s “Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew.”  I wonder if he’s watched the PSA…  See it for yourself.  I like it because you see her parents and get to take a look back at her early years.  Besides, she speaks of some real consequences that we hear all too often regarding drug use in the entertainment industry.  Of course, I’m totally diggin’ that she played soccer, too.  😉

Talk about someone who really used their reality TV fame to launch her own career.  You go, girl!

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