October 2010: IN THE LIFE “Surviving the Past”

Episode Summary

This month on IN THE LIFE’s Season Premiere episode, we look at Florida’s past and present struggles to overcome discrimination against LGBT people. Our lead segment features Martin Gill, the man behind the court case challenging Florida’s ban on gay adoption — which was ruled unconstitutional by the Florida Appellate Court last week. The segment offers a personal, contextual look at the Gill family that is a great follow-up to breaking-news coverage of the case. We also speak with public officials and LGBT advocates in the state and take a look back at Florida’s homophobic legislative history.  Also, Liza with a “Z” speaks to The Lady in Question: Charles Busch.

In The States: Florida

Part 1

Part 2

In 1977, Florida’s Miami-Dade County passed a city ordinance protecting gay and lesbian citizens from discrimination. The law, remarkably progressive for its time, prompted Anita Bryant’s Save Our Children Campaign, one of the most virulently anti-gay crusades the country had ever witnessed. The clash between a gay-friendly beach community and the state’s religious conservatives foreshadowed a cultural divide that would widen in the coming decades.

IN THE LIFE travels to Florida to speak with Martin Gill, a foster father whose case is challenging Florida’s ban on gay adoptions, meet with openly gay Mayor Craig Lowe, and learn about the struggle toward legislative equality in the Sunshine State.

A Conversation With… Liza Minnelli and Charles Busch

Gay icon and legendary star of stage and screen, Liza Minnelli, sits down with her friend, the actor and playwright, Charles Busch for a conversation about her career and life as a darling of the gay community.

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