Tony Robbins “Breakthrough” reality show canceled after 2 episodes but available online

Last December, I posted “Tony Robbins to star in new reality tv show to compliment ‘Biggest Loser’” announcing that NBC had picked up his reality TV show entitled “Breakthrough with Tony Robbins.”  Over the course of 6 episodes, Tony puts his motivational magic to work while helping out 6 families.  Unfortunately, after airing 2 episodes that began on July 27, 2010, NBC pulled it due to low ratings.

Did you watch “Breakthrough…?”  What did you think?

I haven’t watched it, but I found the 2 episodes on NBC’s “Breakthrough with Tony Robbins” web page (Episode Guide tab).  Episode 1 is entitled “Frank and Kristen Alioto” and is described as “A wedding day tragedy turns a young couple’s life upside down. After their breakthrough, they emerge stronger than ever.”  Watch the episode’s highlight reel below:

The second episode, “Ron and Marie Stegner” is described as “Ron and Marie’s American dream has fallen apart, and they hope Tony can guide them through a journey to save their marriage.” Watch the highlight reel for this episode below:

Sad, it seems like the show was really positive, but I guess our American audience prefers train-wrecks and grossly obese people over shows like this.  The good news is that the full season (6 episodes) can be viewed on

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  1. Bummer! The ads for this made the show look great, but I never got around to catching it. Watching TV online is weird for me. Guess I lose.

  2. Vincent- you never know, some network may scoop it up later. in the land of iPhones and such, the world is watching tv online. you gots to get on board! 🙂

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