Archives for August 13, 2010

ELLE’s creative director Joe Zee from MTV’s “The City” gets show “All On The Line” on Sundance, airing 2011

Joe Zee, Creative Director of ELLE Magazine, is getting some more TV time outside of..MTV reality TV series “The City.” He’ll be starring on a new show “All On The Line” that will air on the Sundance channel in 2011. Read the press release below. I can’t wait to watch!

BET to air documentary about women in hip hop “My Mic Sounds Nice” on Aug 30

I’m not one to go racing to watch BET shows these days, but as soon as I saw this documentary special would be airing I knew I’d want to see it, and hopefully you will, too. On my blog, I’d like to give more attention female emcees..hopefully BET’s first music documentary “My Mic Sounds Nice: A Truth About Women in Hip Hop” will do justice to this aspect of hip hop culture.

Jennifer Freeman violently attacks NBA player husband Earl Watson

Not to make light of this, but I will for just a moment, but it seems like “My Wife and Kids” star Jennifer Freeman has been watching too many vampire movies and old episodes of “Good Times.” You’ll see what I mean as you read further. Jennifer, who married NBA player Earl Watson in 2009 and have 1 child together, became violent with Earl on August 1, 2010 after he went to check her cell phone upon receiving a late night text message.