Film production for VH1’s CELEBRITY REHAB 4 with Dr. Drew finally underway

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Beating addiction and substance abuse is a long, painful, and arduous journey.  Doing it off-camera is hard enough, but there are some still celebrities that choose to clean up their act unabashedly in front of medical experts, fellow addicts…and the camera.  Whether it’s to show the world that they, too, are vulnerable, or if they’re just starved for media attention and a second chance at fame is always up for debate.  Nonetheless, we the viewers will watch anyway.  Such is the case with the hit VH1 reality series “Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew” now embarking on its fourth season.

It seems like The 4th season of “Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew” has finally gotten started with film production after several delays due to lack of cast members solidifying a cast.  Rumored on the new season are reality TV star/bad boy/heartbreaker Jason Wahler from MTV’s “Laguna Beach” and “The Hills,” Myspace/reality TV bombshell phenom Tila Tequila from MTV’s “A Shot at Love” series’ (although there are also reports saying she’s not doing the show), and former supermodel and bad ass Janice Dickinson of Oxygen’s “Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency,” actor Jeremy London from “Party of Five” and his wife Melissa London, oil heir “Gummi Bear” (Jason Davis) who Patti Stenger tried to make dateable on Bravo’s “Millionaire Matchmaker,” and Playboy playmate who also made headlines for sex tape with ex husband/actor Lorenzo Lamas- Shauna Sand.

(Update 7/19/2010) (via TMZ) is reporting that one of Tiger Woods’s most talked about mistresses Rachel Uchitel and 70s hearthrob/actor/singer Leif Garrett are also joining the cast.

(Update 7/19/2010) (via is reporting that Julia Roberts’ older brother Eric Roberts has also been added to the cast.

VH1 has not officially released the cast names for this season, so this is all a buzz at the moment.  Celebrity Rehab 4 misses included DMX (sidenote: you MUST watch VH1’s “Behind The Music” featuring DMX, it’s super awesome!) who wanted to do the show but could not get his Arizona jail to release him for taping and Lindsay Lohan who would have certainly had producers and executives yelling “ca-ching!”  Other celebs that reportedly turned down the opportunity to get clean with Dr. Drew Pinsky and in front of millions of TV viewers were Brooke Mueller, Charlie Sheen, and the Duchess of York (Sara Ferguson).

Who would you like to see on Celebrity Rehab?

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