Move over Idol. Make way for new reality series So You Think You Want To Be The Next President.

So You Want To Be The Next President is a new reality TV show that allows the average American to shape government policy, debate the issues and win the popular vote – and a cool million dollars!

(I-Newswire) May 20, 2010 – It’s time for American Idol to move over and make way for The Next American President.

Do you or someone you know, have what it takes to be the next President of the USA? Have you always wanted a voice in the shaping of government policy or perhaps have been involved in the “Tea Party” events. Maybe you have answers to the country’s burning issues like unemployment, the economy, healthcare, energy, taxation or even the environment? If so, this is your chance to prove it.

Audition applications are currently being taken for participants in the first political reality show to be called “So You Want to be the Next President” which is expected to be shown on one of the major TV networks next year. Armchair politicians, academics, people who have a vision for the future of the US and those who want to debate the major issues are all encouraged to apply to be on the show which will be aired next year.

The creators of the new show believe that it will attract a huge viewing audience across all demographics and explain their thinking behind the idea. “It seems that whichever government is in power there are always those who support it and those who don’t. There are also people who criticize any government of any political stance and those who no longer believe that our government is, in the words of Abraham Lincoln, government of the people, by the people, for the people. Our new and exciting TV reality show gives citizens of America the chance to present their political proposals, debate them with others and win the country’s votes as well as a cash prize of $1,000.000.”

“We want to give ordinary Americans a nationwide political voice. There may be a mechanic in Arkansas who has a plan for economic growth, a teacher in North Carolina who has a solution to the growing national debt or a housewife in Idaho who has a blueprint for reforming the tax system. Contestants could be academics, executives, blue collar workers, homemakers, retirees or even unemployed – if they have opinions, visions and beliefs about how the country should be run then we want to hear them.”

Reality shows boast huge viewing figures and a political based reality show could really capture people’s imagination and perhaps even encourage many to take more of an interest in politics and better understand the political issues. It is expected to attract a broad spectrum of people who will want to participate in the show and the creators want to ensure that anyone with an interest has a chance to audition.

“We would like to see people who care about how this country is run from every walk of life and every age group so that it is truly representative of the people. The show will embody everything that is great about America – freedom of speech, invention, creativity, democracy and national pride. Don’t be fooled into thinking it will be a boring political program – it will give voice to wide range of views and ideas no matter how impractical or unusual.”

Over a period of months contestants, split into republican, democrat, Teaparty and Independent teams, will have an opportunity to tackle the major political problems, participate in debates and put forward their own solutions to a panel of judges and to the viewers. As with other reality shows, viewers will ultimately decide which contestants stay in the show and which leave it. This is a truly democratic process that senior politicians should take notice of since it will clearly reflect the country’s view on a number of important issues. It is hoped that the winning contestant from each major political party will have a unique opportunity to work with their presidential candidate and put forward the ideals that the public voted on. After all, the winner could get as many as 20 or 30 million votes from viewers that could be turned into votes and sway the next presidential election.

The creators are currently talking to potential sponsors for the show and will be approaching Youtube and other interested parties to show the live debates via the internet. They will also be reaching out to political figures from the major parties for commentary and assessment of the ideas put forward by the contestants as well as members of the judiciary to consider legal and constitutional issues.

So, if you would like to be the next President, shape government policy or at least have the opportunity of a nationwide political voice on a range of current issues, you can apply for an audition to become a contestant by visiting their website and filling out an application. Contestants must be US citizens and at least 21 years of age to be eligible. Auditions are scheduled for late summer 2010 with the selection process and pilot beginning in the fall. The show should begin to be aired in early 2011 to coincide with presidential campaigning for the 2012 election.

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