Lee Dewyze quietly shows support for Crystal on American Idol

Finalist Lee Dewyze wore a bracelet given to him by Crystal Bowersox on the show that says “Diabetes Sucks”

WEST CONSHOHOCKEN, PA, May 20,2010 (i-Newswire) —  Wonder what the blue band bracelets on some of this seasons American Idol contestants stand for? Hope Paige Designs sent Crystal Bowersox a dozen of their popular “DIABETES SUCKS” blue rubber bracelets after her stay in the hospital to give her a lift. She obviously passed them out to fellow contestants as the “DIABETES SUCKS” bracelets can be seen on the wrists of various idol contestants in support of Bowersox. Former contestant Tim Urban wore one in previous weeks while finalist Lee Dewyze wore one on Wednesday May 12, 2010.

“Lee seems like such a kind and sensitive guy that we are not at all surprised to see him wear it on the show,” offers Hope Paige Designs president Shelly Fisher. The popular blue band was created in response to teen requests to have the bracelets made. Bracelets allow family members and friends like Dewyze support friends and loved ones who have the disease.

“It’s not the type of thing we usually make, but making people with the disease smile is always a priority,” adds Fisher.

Hope Paige Designs, a leader in the medical bracelet industry, creates fashion friendly and fun medical bracelets.

For more information on Hope Paige medical bracelets for all ages visit: www.hopepaige.com.

To see the styles in action watch American Idol on Fox TV.

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