Archives for May 23, 2010

Portland based company launches controversial Dumpster Baby clothing line

“Recycle Your Babies,” “Born on Prom Night,” “Dumpster Baby Survivor.” Those are just some of the slogans on the products in the pipeline for the new Portland, Oregon based clothing brand. The hope of the owners are to, “Push the boundaries of what is socially acceptable through our dark and sardonic clothing art, that is shocking, but also whispers with an underlying voice, a challenge to the hypocrisy and the status quo of certain elements of American society.”

Move over Idol. Make way for new reality series So You Think You Want To Be The Next President.

It’s time for American Idol to move over and make way for The Next American President. Do you or someone you know, have what it takes to be the next President of the USA? Have you always wanted a voice in the shaping of government policy or perhaps have been involved in the “Tea Party” events. Maybe you have answers to the country’s burning issues like unemployment, the economy, healthcare, energy, taxation or even the environment? If so, this is your chance to prove it.

Lee Dewyze quietly shows support for Crystal on American Idol

Wonder what the blue band bracelets on some of this seasons American Idol contestants stand for? Hope Paige Designs sent Crystal Bowersox a dozen of their popular “DIABETES SUCKS” blue rubber bracelets after her stay in the hospital to give her a lift. She obviously passed them out to fellow contestants as the “DIABETES SUCKS” bracelets can be seen on the wrists of various idol contestants in support of Bowersox. Former contestant Tim Urban wore one in previous weeks while finalist Lee Dewyze wore one on Wednesday May 12, 2010.