Mike Tyson to film reality show about his love of pigeon-racing…tells The View he’s broke

I pity the fool!  Wait…that was Mr. T, LOL.  😆  Seriously, retired boxer (since 2005) Mike Tyson is headed to Animal Planet with a reality TV show about his lifelong love for pigeons and pigeon-racing.  “Take on Tyson” is currently scheduled to air in early 2011.  I never heard of pigeon racing nor know what it entails, but the formula is perfect for reality TV.  Where else will New York City’s most competitive pigeon racers get their 15 minutes of fame with the outside world than on a show like this?

Tyson also took on the ladies of “The View,” led primarily by the show’s creator Barbara Walters, this past Friday where he confessed that he is broke after years of mismanaging his money, and what I can also imagine the dollars thrown into child support, lawyer fees, his past drug/alcohol abuse, and freeloading friends…or has he said on “The View” “I had a lot of fun.” Ultimately, Tyson filed for bankruptcy and is now living his life much more simply.

Here are a few excerpts from Tyson’s interview on “The View” below from Hulu.com. I must say that Tyson sounds much more mature and settled now. He attributes his turnaround being sparked by playing the role of himself in the comedy “The Hangover” back in 2009. His focus has turned more to family  that includes 6 children from various relationships, the youngest is 16 months old with newlywed wife of 1 year “Kiki” (Lakiha Spencer– who accompanied Tyson on “The View” in the studio audience), and his love of pigeons.  Third time married for Tyson seems to be a charm as he admits that he’s fully committed to Kiki and left his cheating ways of yesteryear behind.

My favorite quote from the Tyson interview, “I always had a lot of responsibility; I just didn’t take them.”

Watch the entire interview with Tyson on “The View” on Hulu.com for a limited time (until May 14, 2010).

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