Kathy Griffin promises pap smears and Levi Johnston for “My Life on the D-List”

Bravo‘s hit reality TV show “My Life on the D-List” featuring the life, times, and antics of Kathy Griffin returns for Season 6 on Tuesday, June 15, 2010Levi Johnston makes a few guest appearances on the show with Kathy as the two battle for the last laugh at the expense of Sarah Palin.  On Kathy’s official website (kathygriffin.net) she offers this about the upcoming season, “An estate sale with Maggie, a pap smear in public, standing up in D.C. for the rights of our troops.”  I also just read a blog post mentioning that Kathy Griffin tried to ask Justin Bieber out on a date.  While she probably did pull one of those stunts, I don’t know if that’s also something we can look for in this coming season.

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