Ifelicious top 3 picks for American Idol Season 9

I’ve been meaning to post my top 3/final 3 (however you want to call the last 3 standing in the competition) American Idol Season 9 picks for a few weeks now. They haven’t really changed, however. My personal favorite is Crystal Bowersox representing Ohio where I currently reside.  There’s something pure and raw and confident about her that won me over from the beginning.  Lee DeWyze is a close second having won me over and an underdog in the competition who just keeps getting better each week. When I got my 3rd pick, my choice was not as clear.  This is not a strong year in American Idol to me.  Just for kicks, I’m going with Tim Urban as pick #3 who was added to the top 12 as a runner up after Chris Golightly was disqualified (read more in Pop Eater).  What I appreciate about Tim Urban is that he rode his good looks for the first few weeks, but he’s recently brought the vocals.  I think he has a popularity vote in his favor in a similar manner as Aaron Kelly who may dupe us all in the end…but I hope not.

I’m never right in these contests, but it’s always fun to guess.

Who are your favorite/final 3?

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