Archives for April 20, 2010

Haute shades: Interview with Khristian Michael of the Forever K. Michael Collection

Khristian Michael has a career rooted in music but always known for his own swagger. Capitalizing on his own sense of style and the good name he has built for himself in the music industry, Khristian is launching is own line of high-end designer eyewear called the Forever K. Michael Collection. He has partnered with NYS Collection (, already known for their exquisite sunglasses that they manufacture and distribute in NYS Collection kiosks found at malls all over the US, to launch his collection in Spring 2010. Forever K. Michael sunglasses will also be available for purchase on the web at The precise launch date will be released soon, likely over the next couple of months, so be sure to keep visiting me at and as well as www.foreverkmichael for the latest updates.

Ifelicious top 3 picks for American Idol Season 9

I’ve been meaning to post my top 3/final 3 (however you want to call the last 3 standing in the competition) American Idol Season 9 picks for a few weeks now. They haven’t really changed, however. My personal favorite is Crystal Bowersox representing Ohio where I currently reside. There’s something pure and raw and confident about her that won me over from the beginning. Lee DeWyze is a close second having won me over and an underdog in the competition who just keeps getting better each week. When I got my 3rd pick, my choice was not as clear.