Fresh Music: Diggy Simmons remix of Nas’ “Made You Look” as “Flow Stoopid” (free mp3 download)

Diggy’s on fire right now!

Having the internet going nuts last Friday being the first to release a remix to Drake’s “Over” and dropping “Just The Beginning” wasn’t enough for the younger Simmons. Hopping in the studio once again, Diggy Simmons got the “clearance from Nas” and wrecks “Made You Look” and created “Flow Stoopid.” Don’t forget to check out Diggy’s, “The First Flight” mixtape which was dropped in December.

He’s already got a video for “Flow Stoopid” as well. Peep it below…

Diggy – Made you look Freestyle (Flow Stoopid) from Diggy Simmons on Vimeo.

Feelin’ it?  Download the mp3 for “Made You Look freestyle (Flow Stoopid)” right here!

Diggy’s fashion taste is keeping up to par with his music. Check out a sneak peek of Diggy’s, Chivalrous Culture shoe line, on

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(info provided courtesy of Digiwaxx)


  1. Diggy is making hip hop fun… even as an old head.. i truly appreciate the fact he is doing it his way… pretty soon we gonna be yelling “Diggy’s House!”

    Honestly i think he will be the true first hip hop star that is incorporating social media as part of his marketing plan because unlike other he embrace social media as a part of his game plan and is having fun.

    Sure these songs are cover but he is flowing because if you going to cover the track you better make it your own and he does that consistently!

    I am just surprise he hasn’t inked a deal… but I think he will be better off doing it the indie route so he will have more cash flowing to him.

    I would love to see him do a track with Christopher Wallace Jr (biggie’s son)

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