San Diego Millionaire Jim Lawlor and his PB Angels to star in PB Reality show (video)

A new reality tv show titled “PB Reality” ( is showcasing the life of Pacific Beach millionaire Jim Lawlor and his group of Angels from his castle home by the Pacific Ocean in San Diego.

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( March 8, 2010 — Reality TV series have showcased a lot of real life scenarios featuring a wide range of situations and peeple but very few if any can compare to the wild and luxurious lifestyle of San Diego millionaire Jim Lawlor and his group of “PB Angels” as they plan out some extravagant parties and social events from his Pacific Beach castle of a home and also in some of the most popular nightclubs in the area.

The “PB Reality” TV show has begun to run “behind the scenes” clips as Lawlor and his angels prepare to hit the airwaves in late summer or fall. The reality show features Lawlor’s lifestyle as a successful business person and bachelor and his relationship with four inspired young women who work with him while pursuing their dreams of becoming a singer, actress, model and successful student at San Diego State University. Along the way there are some funny and sometimes wacky scenes as the angels cast sexy models for parties and events, along with the events themselves.

Nothing is spared when it comes to putting on an event and that includes hiring limo buses, bartenders, film crews, photographers, cooks, valet parking, live DJ music and modeling talent along with great food, drinks and party decorations.

All of this takes place in what is referred to as “The PB Castle,” a home that Lawlor converted into a castle styled them.

The “Castle” is decorated for events including New Years, The Super Bowl, Valentines Day, St. Patricks Day and other holidays and the Angels do their best to stock the party with some of the sexiest swimsuit models to keep the party rocking. All of this makes for some great drama and action as the angels interview and review the models and talent for the party all while trying to keep their coveted jobs from being swept up by envious girls who want to live the “millionaire lifestlye.”

Along the way “Millionaire Jim” and the angels go out and do charity work in the community by helping the poor and homeless in San Diego while planning on their next big promotional event.

Upcoming behind the scenes clips include the angels passing out gift baskets to homeless people in San Diego and also casting swimsuit models for the upcoming 2011 PB Reality swimsuit modeling calendar.

Jim Lawlor is living the “San Diego dream life,” and the PB Reality tv show does it’s best to showcase a lifestyle that many would want to live, even if it does have its share of drama.

UPDATE, JUNE 19, 2010: Here’s the trailer for PB REALITY released on their home page a few days ago. Check it out.

Stay tuned for “PB Reality” on a network in Fall of 2010 and in the meantime watch some of the behind the scene clips on the reality tv show on the following links:

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  1. WTH?!?!? I am so intrigue to watch this show thanks to u! ROFL

  2. JessicaRabbit says:

    i LOVE pb! this looks like its going to be a lot of fun! how do i get an invite and in what clubs do they party?

  3. Silentbutsmart- they haven’t announced if they’ve been picked up by a network yet, but i’ll keep my eyes/ears open for it.

    JessicaRabbit- i don’t know but you might want to try checking out their website for contact info.

  4. JessicaRabbit says:

    Sweet thanks! I sent out an e-mail and got a quick response. They seem really nice and really cool! Can you keep posting about this show? I want the updates!! Also, I saw some clips from the show on youtube. You should link those!

  5. JessicaRabbit- so glad you got a reply. i should try to seek them out while i’m in the region visiting. also, thanks for letting me know there’s more clips on youtube. i’ll find them and post. as i hear more about the show, i’ll also keep posting. thanks so much for commenting and giving me (and blog readers) an update! 🙂

  6. JessicaRabbit says:


    they just sent me an invitation to apply! the website was – you should get in touch with them. they’re really nice! maybe you can get an interview or something!

  7. @JessicaRabbit- cool! good luck with the application. i did write them after the last time you commented and haven’t heard back. maybe they’re not so excited to hear from a blogger, but i’ll shoot them another message and see what happens.

  8. David W. says:

    Hi, is the “Castle” still in foreclosure proceedings? We heard the PB “Millionaire” is really not wealthy and is just a self-promoting construction worker. His “castle” is just a 3 bedroom house with a stone fascade. It also is showing that the Bank of America is foreclosing on it according to the San Diego County Recorders office records.

  9. David W.- again, thanks for commenting! i haven’t heard back from Lawlor or anyone in his camp even when invited to reach out to them. do you have any links to share regarding this alleged foreclosure? there’s a trailer that was release for the show that i’ve posted. i’m not sure if any network has actually picked it up nor is there much outside press (meaning not a press release from his camp) about it.

  10. I don’t understand…are you promoting this guy? He’s such a creep. He PAYS girls to hang around him all day. What “good” has he actually done for the community!? This guy is a super tool.

  11. Single Steve- no, i’m not promoting him at all. a lot of my blog is focused on reality tv so when i saw this show i posted info about it. i don’t know Jim Lawlor, and you’re the first one to respond in this way. the initial reaction was excitement. do you have any proof to your claims? if so, share.

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