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Throwback Friday- “Let’s Chill” by Guy

I just heard “Let’s Chill” by Guy come up on my hubby’s playlist and it took me back. It also reminded me that I don’t typically post true R&B songs as Throwback Fridays. It’s that song we used to hope some guy or gal would catch your eye and ask you to slow dance hard as we did back those days, lol. Today, at the moment it came up on the iPod, what came to mind is how hectic life can become and sometimes just slowing things down is just what we need, even if it’s for the 3 1/2 minutes a song is playing.

Rapper Robert Crafton III aka “Chilly B” from 80s group Newcleus dies after stroke

March 3, 2010 (WENN) — Rapper ROBERT CRAFTON III has died after suffering a stroke at the age of 47. The musician, also known as Chilly B, died on 23 February (10) in Brooklyn, New York. He also suffered from diabetes and kidney problems.

Britain lifts entry ban for Snoop Dogg

SNOOP DOGG has won a legal battle to gain entry to the U.K. – three years after government officials banned him from Britain. The hip-hop star, real name Calvin Broadus, incurred the wrath of immigration officials in 2006 when he was arrested following a fracas at London’s Heathrow Airport. The following year (07), he was denied entry into the country, with authorities arguing his previous convictions for drugs and firearms offenses made him a threat.

TI’s Akoo clothing billboard deemed offensive, taken down

Advertising billboards for rapper T.I.’s clothing brand Akoo ( are set to be taken down in Newark, New Jersey after drawing criticism for its sexually-suggestive tones.