Forget the media, what do YOU fans want Tiger Woods to do? (apology video)

On my soapbox

I get there’s a PR play that Tiger Woods needs to ace, but I feel like the media is saturated with holier than thou commentary, rumors, speculation, and a few morsels of fact.  I’m posting a few clips below, but I want to know what YOU think Tiger does or does not need to do to reclaim his status.

Case and point

I just lifted 4 VIDEOS from ESPN that were all produced in the last 24 hours, and that’s not even all of them.

ESPN- Jeremy Schaap looks back at the past three months in the life of Tiger Woods

ESPN- Athletes and Celebrities on Tiger

ESPN- Golfers comment on Tiger Woods

ESPN- Tiger and the tabloids

What do I think?

Tiger is an accomplished athlete, and that’s all I want him to be.  Go play golf already!!!

What do YOU think?

UPDATE: Here’s the CNN recorded video of Tiger’s formal apology


  1. Personally, I don’t think Tiger should do this “press conference” thing, because he doesn’t owe his fans an apology. While it’s true his celebrity is due to the admiration and support of his fans, Tiger is a man/human and it was wrong of “us” to have elevated him to the status of “god” simply because he’s handy with a golf club. It is fans who assumed he was above the common man in morals, and we all know what assuming does.

    As per his rehab conditions, he is mandated to those he’s personally wronged with his antics. This includes his wife, his children, possibly his parents and those who were directly affected by his infidelities. We the people are not a part of that cipher, in my (not so) humble opinion, and need to allow Tiger the time to deal with this situation privately, as any of us would expect “the public” to do.

  2. that apology was soooo boring. the most exciting thing about Tiger is HIS AFFAIRS! he’s just trying to get his money back. u know who gets away with hypocrisy?…news reporters…they never report on themselves!

  3. shockingly the common thread in all these *apologies* is that everyone finds their religion again…ask chris brown and jon edwards..larry craig and all them other phonies!

  4. Child, I need him to personally apologize to me! When a celebrity prances
    around town with their super power, “Ooh, look at me, look at me! I can: play golf,
    sing a song or act–and expect us to all applaud and cheer–then the price for MY GILLETTE razor and shaving cream goes up because now they have to pay HIM his celebrity endorsement deal–NAH, you gon’ call up a Mexican and say, “Nando, I also apologize to you!”

    Quote me on that!

  5. nandoism- you raise a good point that i haven’t thought about before you mentioned it. we do essentially pay for them to entice us and not just to attend their events, but for their endorsements, too. i’d call Tiger myself and pass along your message, but i doubt they let him have a cell in sex rehab. 😉

  6. i doubt they let him have a cell in sex rehab. 😉

    If only they did. Those calls would be worth some unwarranted wiretapping.

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