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Mar 2010: IN THE LIFE “Bullycides”

This month on IN THE LIFE: Bullycides, a term recently coined to address the national health crisis of young people taking their own lives as the result of bullying. Followed by the premier of In The States, a feature focusing on the struggle for LGBT civil rights at the state level.

More with model, actress, singer Amy Weber

Standing at only 5 ft 7 in, Amy Weber does not meet the typical model height requirements, yet the bread and butter of her career has been modeling. Her tone and sexy physique has landed her photo opps in Maxim, Playboy, and being named by as a Top 10 Fitness Model, among many more. She also became widely known as a WWE Smackdown! heel diva, one of the bad girls, whose nemesis was Joy Giovani. Another claim to fame was an acting role, her true passion, as “Porcelain Bidet” on the hit series “Son of the Beach” back in 2002. The show was a spoof on “Baywatch.” I suggest checking her official website,, and her profile on IMDB for more details on her extensive list of accomplishments.

Throwback Friday- “Fake Friends” by Joan Jett and The Blackhearts

With the much talked about Tiger Woods press conference on my mind today, I wanted to find a throwback song to capture some of my personal annoyance with the incessant media coverage and judgment of Tiger Woods. Celebrity or not, we all deal with people who seem to be right there when things are going well for you and then turn when things get gloomy. I haven’t paid homage to female rockers yet in my Throwback Friday posts, so I’m digging up some Joan Jett and The Blackhearts today from the crates… “Fake Friends” is from Joan’s album aptly titled “Album” that was originally released in 1983.

Forget the media, what do YOU fans want Tiger Woods to do? (apology video)

I get there’s a PR play that Tiger Woods needs to ace, but I feel like the media is saturated with holier than thou commentary, rumors, speculation, and a few morsels of fact. I’m posting a few clips below, but I want to know what YOU think Tiger does or does not need to do to reclaim his status.

Ultimate Breaks and Beats: DJ showcase and launch party, BB Kings Feb 24, 2010

On February 24, 2010 New York will celebrate a major cornerstone in hip-hop history with the Ultimate Breaks and Beats Live to commemorate the original release of the Ultimate Breaks and Beats compilation (1981-1991) and its creators, the late “Breakbeat” Lenny Roberts and Louis “Break Beat Lou” Flores. The event will showcase some of the most talented DJs in New York City that will display their extraordinary turntablist skills as they pay tribute the music collection that transformed the face of hip-hop for over three decades. The historic night will take place at B.B. Kings with doors opening at 6:00 PM and the show beginning at 8:00 PM and will also serve as a launch party for the upcoming Ultimate Breaks and Beats national tour.