Kris Allen “Live Like We’re Dying” hot or not?

I heard this song late one night a few weeks ago, and I was reminded that Kris Allen actually was the one who won American Idol this past year. He’s definitely been overshadowed by Adam Lambert, not to mention the timing of album his release not only fell near Lambert’s but also Carrie Underwood, Norah Jones, and Michael Jackson.

Kris Allen released the first single, “Live Like You Were Dying,” off his eponymous debut album in September and the acoustic guitar-driven tune has climbed into the Billboard Hot 100. After three weeks it ranks at #70 on the Hot 100 and #39 on the Billboard Pop Songs chart. (source: Associated Content)

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Kris Allen’s self-titled debut album dropped at No. 11 on The Billboard 200 album sales chart after selling only 80,000 copies during its initial week of release, according to Nielsen Soundscan data for the week ending November 22.

The American Idol eighth-season champ’s first-week debut album sales are the lowest of any Idol champ — a dubious distinction previously held by sixth-season winner Jordin Sparks, whose self-titled debut sold 119,000 copies and dropped at No. 10 on The Billboard 200 in its first week of release in November 2007. (source: Reality TV World)

Watch the video for “Live Like We’re Dying”…

I tell ya, Kris Allen alone is still a hottie. Maybe Taylor Swift will interrupt his performance sometime, somewhere and we can shine the spotlight on Kris for a minute.

I haven’t listened to his album yet, but…

…do you think the single “Live Like We’re Dying” is hot or not?

Does Kris Allen need an image makeover to sell more records?

Pop music seems to like super edgy right now with the Lady Gagas and Adam Lamberts running the scene.  Is the cute, married straight guy too boring regardless of his talent?

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  1. We love Kris Allen the way he is. We have so many glitsy, flashy, garbage lyrics coming from Lady Gaga, Beyonce that their songs does not mean anything. These songs give you the hype and highs, but at the end of the day, you dont remember a freaking thing.

    We love Kris Allen, his melody, powerful lyrics and songs that speaks to you and make you think. He is not boring with respect to people who has a common sense, but to someone who dont even have a brain cell, they can listen to Lady Gaga, Beyonce etc.

  2. I really love the song!!!

  3. Live like we are dying is definetly very hot, Kris Allen himself is super hot & his Album is AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG..really u should go listen to’s an incredible solid album that I have never expected of an idol..& I am so happy I bought it.

  4. KA, Lola, lily- thank you all for commenting! i’m glad to know that there are fans of Kris Allen out there just the way he is. i was genuinely curious what people were thinking. your comments alone have me ready to download his entire album.

  5. I love Kris Allen just the way he is, too! However, I do think it may be a good idea to amp things up a bit. Like others have said, there is so much flashy competition out there. I think he could liven up things a big more without straying from who he is.

  6. LLWD is definitely, hot, hot, hot! Kris Allen did a totally amazing job on his album, too. There is absolutely nothing boring about Kris, ever. He is seriously talented and doesn’t need to be flashy. This is the first time I have ever loved all the songs on an album and that’s not an exaggeration. I’m wondering if it’s possible to wear out a CD?….. I never get tired of listening to him and he moves me like no other artist ever has. Because Kris wrote/co-wrote 9 of the songs on the album, he really shines through. I loved the way he arranged songs on American Idol and his album is a great blend of current music trends and Kris’ individuality. I saw him on the AI tour and was really impressed, but I’ve heard that he’s even more impressive now when he sings Live with his new band and that the videos available don’t do him justice. For Kris, it’s all about the music and from what I’ve heard that just gets better and better. That’s the only amp up I need or want…….

  7. the mighty rose says:

    i love love love kris allen just the way he is. he and his band transformed the david letterman show into an ugly christmas sweater party for crying out loud! i mean how presh and adorkable is that?! i’m from malaysia and i turned the whole capital city upside down looking for his cd and i’m might glad i did because live like we’re dying as well as the rest of his cd is totally, absolutely, definitely hot.

  8. the mighty rose says:

    btw, i have seen the LLWD video and the one you posted is so not it.

  9. the mighty rose- omg! thanks for pointing that out. it’s the right one now. surprised no one else noticed.

  10. lol. I think a number of us fans have seen the video so many times that we don’t view it at every site that has it. 🙂
    Happy Holidays! This is Kris & band at the Philly 94.5 PST Live performance

  11. Barb- thanks soooo much for sharing the link! i’m watching it now and enjoying Kris’s performace. 🙂

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