Diggy Simmons drops “The First Flight” mixtape (download link)


At 15 years young Diggy Simmons is already carrying on the family legacy and talent when it comes to hip hop and fashion.  On December 2, 2009, Diggy released his mixtape “The First Flight.”  While this is a debut album, as I listen to it (listening now for the first time), Diggy sounds like no newcomer to the game.  It’s well produced and Diggy has a well honed rap flow.  His rhymes are over tracks infused with taste of jazz and RnB.  I’m glad Diggy didn’t try to thug it out because that would not been believable for a kid born with a silver spoon in his mouth…or as his debut single says a “Point to Prove.”

Diggy had this to say about his mixtape…

I worked really hard on this tape independently. It was originally set to come out on Black Friday but I’m just trying to put my best foot forward because I already feel a lot of people don’t believe in my project. So I’m gonna go hard the first time instead of asking for forgiveness my second. It’s a well rounded mixtape hitting every demographic.

If you ever watch “Run’s House” on MTV, you know Diggy has his own swagger. You can get a sense of that from checking out his blog Life of a Jet-Setter.

Diggy’s album “The First Flight” can be downloaded FREE via datpiff or Limelinx.

You can download Diggy’s single “Point to Prove” FREE by clicking HERE.

Track List

  1. Classic Introduction (Intro)
  2. Hu$stle
  3. Laid Back (ft. Chris Classic and Mike Charles)
  4. Point to Prove
  5. The Truth of Me
  6. Dreams (interlude)
  7. Like A Star (ft. Young Jerz)
  8. We Have A Problem (ft. Khalil)
  9. Make You Mine (ft. Lil Gavin and Lil Twist)
  10. What’s it all For (ft. Neako)
  11. Fly Away (ft. Karina Pasian)
  12. Gotta Make It (outro)
  13. The First Flight Prequel (bonus)

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  1. very very hot, very talented i hope he can figure out a way to stay grounded.

  2. Omqee.. luv dee Mixtapee !! onqratsz uur qreatt !! You shouldd make thee songg “Make You Mine” Your single.. Itsz FIRE !

  3. OMG make u mine is my favorite song on his CD(it was about me):)

  4. Tatyana- was it really about you? 😉 it is a nice song, regardless.

  5. hi diggy my name’s faridha im 15.i said french.i love youuu.my contry is burkina faso.je t’aimmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmme!!!my email:shakira4005@yahoo.fr

  6. hi how are you?me alright my name is faridah b ut my friends call medahrifa0im 15.my language is french.my country is burkina faso.bye.je t’aimmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmme.my number:0022650462462

  7. i luv u nd i like that song the truth of me that was 1 of the best songz ever

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