Diggy Simmons has a “Point to Prove.” Mixtape drops November 27 (mp3 download link)


source: Diggy Simmons myspace page

Look y’all! Diggy is growing up. 😆

It can’t be easy being the fourth oldest child within a family where everyone has made a name for themselves while trying to make your own name stand out as more than just “Lil Diggy.” Diggy feels people always think he has it easy so a rap career should be a piece of cake, but he’s attempting to show his own color. Aside from the much talked about clothing line, Space Cadet, Diggy is dropping his first mix-tape, “The First Flight.”

The 1st Flight” dropping on November 27 at midnight, is material ALL written by Diggy with the first track entitled, “Point to Prove.”

Download “Point to Prove” below and comment with your thoughts.


Hot or Not?

In my opinion, Diggy’s definitely inherited his family’s rap skills. Lyrically, “Point to Prove” makes perfect sense and a great way for him to lead out. Musically, the beats are simple enough that they don’t take away from the song’s message. I think it’ll resonate with young people who aren’t even from famous families, but just feel lost in the shadows of the siblings or accomplishments of family members before them.  Go Diggy, Go Diggy, Go!  😎

(info courtesy of Digiwaxx Music)

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  1. diggy is sooooooooooooooooooooo sexy. wonder if he has a girlfriend.

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