11/9/2009 What The Buck: Taylor Swift- Musical Monologue SNL


Latest “What the Buck Show” that I care to post.  You can watch them all on his YouTube channel (WHATTHEBUCKSHOW).

Since Buck Hollywood is so random, I guess I’ll collect my random thoughts below from watching this vid.

Buck, let me guess that you love Taylor Swift?  I’m with you on Rihanna except it being for her upcoming album.  I’m also aching for Glee to come back on!  Glad to see it return to tv as well this week.  Jon Gosselin comment was random and could have saved you 20 seconds of air. Who cares about Jessica Simpson or Ashlee?  Why would you want to sing with her?  “Buck has girl hands!!!”  Do what you love forever!

What were your random thoughts?

I really hope he includes Sammy Sosa in his next show!!!

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