Throwback Friday- Maxi Priest “Close To You”


Reggae has always made its way into popular music.  British singer Maxi Priest hit #1 on US pop charts with “Close To You” back in 1990.  When I think of Maxi Priest, it brings back all kinds of memories.  This smooth single was a little reggae, a little pop, and a little love.  One of those tunes that you’re not sure if you should slow dance or just sway easily from side to side.  I’m sure I still have the cassette tape stored away somewhere in a shoebox.

Enjoy this week’s Throwback Friday, Maxi Priest with “Close To You.”  Look at those pleated pants with the tapered legs.  Gotta love all the fashion trends over the years.  They’re always so much funnier when you look back at them.

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