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DJ Webstar & Jim Jones take NYC with “She Can Get It”

(New York, NY October 2, 2009)- This past week in NYC, recording artist and A&R of E1 music Jim Jones and Universal SRC newly signed recording artist DJ Webstar came together to shoot their new music video for yet another wonderful single for their joint venture “The Roof Top,” being released by E1 music and Scrilla Hill, “She Can Get It,” featuring T-Rex an artist signed under DJ Webstar record label Scrilla Hill.

October 2009- *Season Premiere* In The Life episode “Living on the Margins”

40 years after the Stonewall uprising, the LGBT movement is more visible than ever. But many queer people who do not conform to the image of gender, race and class most pervasive in the media, remain largely invisible—even to the movement. This month, we look at how LGBT people living on the economic margins of our society are organizing themselves to find housing, improve their professional skills, and obtain employment and health care.