Throwback Friday: A-Ha “Take on Me”


This is sooooo Bus 11!!! LOL  😆   That’s what I say for songs that remind me of my school bus ride growing up.  I think I rode bus 11 sometime in middle school…maybe high school.  I think of crossing Route 29 via Route 32 that was being upgraded and then turning down Freetown Road and getting back on Route 32 back when there was this funky detour, and off to the corn fields that used to surround Clarksville Middle School in Columbia, Maryland.  A far cry from what you see today.

I remember thinking the A-Ha video for “Take on Me” was so cool with the cartoon transformation.  Man!  That was high tech music video production back in the day.  😉

This one is dedicated to all the folks who rode the school bus back in the day and might’ve heard this tune playing on your dreary ride to school…and wishing your bus would break down so you could have a school story to tell.  I swear I was never on a bus that broke down.  I think that only happened once.

Either you’re completely following me, or you’ve stopped reading by now…


  1. SolidMastery says:

    This song/video really stuck with me. That and the Men at Work song/video that came out around that same time. The graphics are still good…what are you talking about ‘licious.

    By the by, great website upgrade. I especially like how you made a reference to a non-existent “web guy” as the person who made the upgrades. It was the main reason I came to the website again after my seven-month boycott.

    Don’t let me find out that you are using words like “we” and “us” to refer to your website in order to make it seem like you have a huge organisation and attract a larger viewership.

    I will OUT you! I will. Remember, I still have that picture of you with a duck.

  2. SolidMastery bringing nothing but the fynnies again. I saw your name on this site as one of the videographers for Chef Raekwon! I will out YOU!

  3. *funnies

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