Hitmaking songwriter Claude Kelly pens Miley Cyrus’ #1 hit “Party in the USA”

Wow!  I didn’t know who Claude Kelly was before reading this press release, but I will not forget his name now.  Talk about a super talented songwriting hit maker.  You gotta read this.



Claude Kelly

August 20, 2009

“Party in the USA” is the 2nd most added song of the year at radio

August 20, 2009- Hitmaking songwriter Claude Kelly, dubbed the “Studio Beast,” penned the catchy, up-tempo new smash single, “Party in the USA” for Disney’s mega superstar Miley Cyrus. “Party In The USA” is the # 1 most downloaded song on iTunes and has already landed commercial placements with Wal-Mart airing countrywide.


image by Michael (see comments)

“Party In The USA,” which also features production by the critically acclaimed producer Lukasz “Dr. Luke” Gottwald (Avril Lavigne, Kelly Clarkson, Katy Perry), leaked via the internet at the end of July. The song made its proper debut with a highly publicized performance by Miley Cyrus at the 2009 Teen Choice Awards. Less than a week later, it was announced that the song was the 2nd most added at radio this year.

“Party in the USA” is the first single from Miley’s upcoming new release, and will appear on a forthcoming Wal-Mart exclusive EP that will debut along with the starlet’s Max Azria clothing line this month. The song is prominently featured in the current televised national advertising campaign in promotion of the new clothing line.

In addition to Miley Cyrus, Claude also penned Kelly Clarkson’s latest #1 single, “My Life Would Suck Without You,” which reached record-breaking success. On Chrisette Michelle’s album, “Epiphany,” Claude wrote a whopping 5-songs, including her hit single, “Blame It On Me,” which aided in making the album reach #1 in sales its first week. He also wrote Britney Spears’ hit single, “Circus,” which is the title track from her chart topping album and tour. Claude’s talent for writing hits landed him 3 songs (the most of any single writer on the project) off the highly anticipated, soon to be released album by Whitney Houston, “I Look to You.”

Recently, the diverse songwriter wrote songs for several highly anticipated new albums, including: Michael Jackson, Toni Braxton, R. Kelly, and Christina Aguilera. Claude’s goal is to write hit songs for all genres of music, and so far, he’s reaching that goal.

As one of the most sought after songwriters in music today, Claude got his big break when he wrote the song, “Daddy’s Little Girl” for Frankie J‘s 2006 album, “Priceless.” Claude’s work so impressed Akon that in late 2007, the singer suggested Claude write to some of his music, one of which was “Forgive Me“, written for Leona Lewis‘ debut album and produced by Akon, respectively. Another song he wrote was “Hold My Hand” which was set to feature on Akon’s third album, however the song leaked, and it was decided not to be included in the album. The song features Michael Jackson. At present, he’s working with Leona Lewis, Alexandra Burke, Backstreet Boys, Carrie Underwood, Christina Aguilera and Kris Allen.

press release courtesy of Simone Smalls PR

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  1. An amazingingly talented young girl named Jessica Cornish actually wrote the song ‘Party in the USA’ for Miley.

  2. @tom- are you challenging the publicist who sent me this press release? i will do some follow up.

  3. @tom- Jessica Cornish did have some input but Claude Kelly is indeed credited with this song.

  4. miley sei fantastica sei bellissima e bravissima

  5. nicoly domingues santos says:

    vc é feiaaa

  6. nicoly domingues santos says:

    eu estou brincando !!! você é lindaaa

  7. MILEY!! 🙂 I ? YOU so muuuch! .. You`re the best..
    you are great !!

  8. I love you,you are my best fan I wish you was my sister I will run away just to see you did you know that my sister and my brother has hannah montana stuff all over there room and living room and they even have my dada room with your dad bobby ray. We love you and your fans to have a nice year and keep up the good work and wate before you go I love your party in the u.s.a song.

  9. Claude Kelly is gay!

  10. Claude Kelly is overrate because his songs have no substance!

  11. c ookie.... says:

    this beat is out of control….really. I write to music and I have to say…all off this, beat… lyrics….they r off the hook.

  12. Hey! That’s my fanmade cover!

  13. Michael- is it? i didn’t know. do you have proof? if so, contact me and i’ll give you a link back with credit.

  14. Yeah, it is! I’m the one who posted it on flickr. and sorry for being for so late, kinda forgot about the site.

    http://i51.tinypic.com/2h4b0uv.jpg I’m signed in with my account. and no, i didn’t doctor it. it’s a REAL Screenshot!

  15. Michael- is it ok if i still use it on this post and put the credit in your name? i will do that for now, assuming it’s ok. let me know if you feel otherwise.

  16. yeah, as long as i’m credited, i’m fine with you using it. 🙂

  17. Michael- cool! i already did that when you last commented. if you want your last name added as well, look on my contact page on how to email me directly. thanks for letting me know and for your permission.


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