8/19/2009 EVENT RECAP- Film screening of Angelo Bell’s “The Broken Hearts Club” at The Bungalow Club in LA


Angelo Bell at The Bungalow Club. photo by unknown

I literally raced from the airport to try to catch at least a little bit of this screening and meet filmmaker Angelo Bell in person, but I got there at the end.  In any case, there will still folks mingling and enjoying themselves and the buzz was thatThe Broken Hearts Club is a great flick.  I now own a copy and will post my own review once I get to watch it.

Here’s an impromptu group photo taken at the end.


At The Bungalow Club in LA. Angelo Bell in orange, Ifelicious to the right of him. photo taken by Mrs. Angelo Bell.

Rebecca from The Bungalow Club conducted a brief, impromptu interview with Angelo Bell that I’m posting below.


For a full event recap, click HERE.

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