Not just Madonna’s backup singer. Dance music fans enjoy Nicki Richards “Why You Wanna Hurt Me So Bad?” (remix)


I learned about Nicki Richards on twitter and have been following her from a distance for some time now.  This morning, Nicki posted a link to her new video “Why You Wanna Hurt Me So Bad?” and I promised to post it on my blog for you all to listen and comment whether or not you like it.  This single is from her self titled album, “Nikki.”

What do you think of this song?  The video?

Excerpt from her bio on Myspace…

Nicki Richards is the real deal – a world class singer, songwriter, producer, arranger and performer who brings the sizzle and the thrill back to that rarified realm known as “music beyond category.” Born into a household rich in jazz and the gospel of the Primitive Baptist Church, yet raised on the radio of the ..70s and ..80s – when airwaves overflowed with amazing R&B, rock, pop and dance music – diva Richards delivers a dizzyingly eclectic musical palette to your eardrums. Every composition is hers and she arranged them all in her living room laboratory of beat banks, keyboards, computers and microphones…

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Buy her album “Nicki”,,, or download on iTunes

Interview with Nicki Richards on MadonnaTribeMadonnaTribe Meets Nicki Richards

Thanks, Kurtis, for putting me on to Nicki. 😉

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