August 2009- In The Life episode “Coming Together”


Episode Summary

This August, IN THE LIFE concludes its Summer of Stonewall series celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots with “Coming Together,” a look at how LGBT art and culture has shaped and inspired the movement.

Caffe Cino

Credited as the first Off-Off-Broadway theatre, Caffe Cino began in 1958 as a Greenwich Village coffee house with a tiny makeshift stage. This Bohemian refuge was home to burgeoning gay playwrights and performers, who, inspired by its owner, Joe Cino, were liberated to create their most experimental and daring works of self-expression.

A Conversation With…

In A Conversation With… writers Edmund White and Doric Wilson share first hand accounts of the Stonewall Riots, and discuss how bearing witness to the uprising impacted their work and shaped their politics.

Making The Boys

Capping off the Summer of Stonewall series, this episode’s REAL TO REEL highlights Crayton Robey’s 2009 documentary “Making the Boys,” a tribute to Mart Crowley’s 1968 play and William Friedkin’s subsequent film adaptation of the classic story that swept gay and straight audiences alike, The Boys in the Band.

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“Coming Together” began airing August 1st and is now available for free video streaming and downloadable podcasts from the IN THE LIFE website. To find out when it will air in your local area, to stream or download it, go to

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