Throwback Friday- Michael Jackson and Roberta Flack “When We Grow Up”


Free To Be… You and Me is one of my all time favorite videos from childhood.  I actually found it on DVD on eBay and own a copy that I throw on every now and then.  It’s probably not a familiar movie to many of you, but it was an absolutely fantastic children’s musical that teaches tolerance, expressing your emotions freely and without shame, and self esteem.  There are still songs in that film that I sing today when I’m in a certain mood- that’s how much it stuck with me over the years.  If you have children, you need to buy this, and even if you don’t (like me), I think you would enjoy watching it, too.

Well, young Michael Jackson was part of the cast and sings a duet with Roberta Flack called “When We Grow Up.”  In loving memory of Michael Jackson and the spirit of the song that takes on another meaning when you see Michael singing the words, I bring you “When We Grow Up” as this week’s Throwback Friday post.


RIP Michael Jackson


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  1. What an outstanding , perfect, and the best MJ music selection I have heard since his crossing over. I had to push the replay arrow a few times. Keep up the superior blog.

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