Undergroundgirlsofhiphop.com Releases “The Pink Carpet” Mixtape hosted by DJ Vlad for free download now

First of all, I’m so happy to see one of my fav FemCees Mala Reignz on this mixtape (tracks #17 & #22). For more on Mala, check out an interview we did in January 2009 NOD YOUR HEAD TO THIS: INTERVIEW WITH FEMCEE MALA REIGNZ, or Twitter (@MalaReignz), or MySpace (myspace.com/malareignz).  She’s the shizznit representin da Bronx!

The below was sent to me courtesy of the Underground Girls of Hip Hop…


Underground Girls of Hip-Hop invites you to “The Pink Carpet” hosted by DJ Vlad their first mixtape. “The Pink Carpet” is a for sure female mixtape classic. Now available for free download!

“The Pink Carpet was thought out and selective,” says Shylise Simpson, Founder. “The talent that’s displayed on this project is industry worthy” Simpson adds, This mix tape shows the industry that females in hip-hop have truly been denied the full platform owed to them. This is not a mixtape dedicated to females and their sexual ability but more so dedicated to true emceeing, lyrics and life from the female perspective. Artists highlighted on the mixtape include legendary Mc Lyte, Lady Luck, Persia, Rasheeda, Iceis, Miss Cherry, and other Underground female emcees.

We are truly excited about this project; as a website dedicated to exposing the true female emcee, this mixtape does Undergroundgirlsofhiphop.com justice. UGG is sure that after listening to this project the doubt that a female emcee can hold her own will definitely be a thing of the past.

Along with the release of The Pink Carpet, the expanding online community has also introduced our “Website Sponsorship Program.” As we are always looking for support to this well needed movement. Please contact us for a sponsorship packet at sponsorship@undergroundgirlsofhiphop.com . Or simply make a donation at our website.

Take a long walk down “The Pink Carpet” with Undergroundgirlsofhiphop.com and DJ Vlad. Download the mixtape FREE on the home page at www.Undergroundgirlsofhiphop.com or copy and past link (http://www.zshare.net/download/61206798428e7a45/).

Founded in 2007 by Shylise Simpson, Underground Girls of Hip-Hop is a community committed to providing both aspiring and proven female hip-hop artists a unique platform to showcase their talents that further define the hip-hop genre. Through continuing dialogues with record companies and top-level executives and producers, Underground Girls of Hip-Hop works to enhance and revive the state of female hip-hop artists. Visit Underground Girls of Hip-Hop’s website at http://undergroundgirlsofhiphop.com for more information.


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