Puppy rescued after being flushed down toilet, renamed Dyno.


I couldn’t believe this story when I just heard it on the news.

Below reposted from NZ Herald News

LONDON – A British pup had a narrow flush with disaster after his 4-year-old master decided to give him a bath in the toilet.

Daniel Blair was quoted as telling Britain’s Daily Mirror tabloid that he tried to clean the muddy one-week-old cocker spaniel because he was muddy, and he flushed him down the drain.

His mother Alison was quoted as saying she thought the dog was dead, but a drainage firm was able to locate the beleaguered animal in a pipe 18 metres away from the house using specialist camera gear.

Pictures of the wet, frightened-looking puppy trapped in a pipe were posted to the firm Dyno-Rod’s website and broadcast on British television yesterday.

The company says the dog is now fine.

– AP


  1. That is just crazy. My girl is a vet tech, and she got all emotional watching it last night.

  2. aw (pronounced "A Dub") says:

    we had a local new story of a kitten being placed in a mailbox. now the MSPCA gets like 50 calls/hour to adopt the kitty ;o)

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