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June 4, 2009 NOW Seeking Website Sponsorship with Major Sponsors
The Opportunity to Reach 800,000 Urban Viewers

LOS Angeles, June 4, 2009 – Underground Girls of Hip-Hop is proud to announce their new “Website Sponsorship Program”. Over the past year UGG has worked hard to bring light to the females in hip-hop all across the globe. After reaching this years milestone of over 50,00 unique visitors UGG has taken on a bold approach to their marketing campaign, which has since turned this number over 6 fold. UGG is a proud community committed to providing both aspiring and proven female hip-hop artists a unique platform to showcase their talent and reach fans, publicists, managers, record labels, models, and fashion designers.

The website now allows businesses to advertise to over 800,000 visitors a year with affordable rates and competitive brand placement. With seven tiers of sponsorship opportunities, companies can advertise to a nationwide audience as low as $200 a month on the Underground Girls of Hip-Hop official website.

Being that Underground Girls of Hip-Hop is an online portal dedicated to enhancing the status of female hip-hop artists and exposing n ew talent through exclusive music, videos, interviews, articles, and news releases businesses now have a unique opportunity to reach this community with strong ties to the music industry, fans of female artists, and visitors from across the nation.

The UGG sponsor tier is available through five separate packages that are filled with multiple branding opportunities. Take advantage of this unique Website Sponsorship Program to distribute promotional materials at UGG events, web visibility to over 50,000 unique visitors each month, logo placement, banner ads, sponsor select video/blog/feature stories, back links to your website, and an “Ultimate Site Takeover”. The ultimate site takeover allows businesses to utilize the website as their own branding vehicle; displaying logos and insignia as the official background for one month. Underground Girls of Hip Hop provide great affordable rates to supporters, donors, and sponsors to reach fans of the female hip hop community. For more information on advertising and sponsorship rates email to request packet. Or Download packet (copy and paste link in browser)


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