My LA Journal- Wednesday May 27, 2009 eyebrows waxed and outfit shopping

Dear Diary,

The pressure’s on.  I leave tomorrow for LA in the morning and I have absolutely nothing.  I made an appointment with my hairdresser Dairdre who works at Phia Salon to rescue my eyebrows before I go.  After all, it’s her “fault” that I started waxing my eyebrows in the first place.  Outside of getting my hair done, there are 2 girly salon things that I will do- get my eyebrows waxed and occasionally get a pedicure (a peace offering to my feet after so many years of soccer).

Eyebrows Waxed

When I arrive, Dairdre was all smiles and we get straight to chatting.  She tells me about her fashion feature in the May 21, 2009 edition of “Alive!” a free local newspaper (kind of like City Paper for those of you who have that in your town).  There’s a full page photo and accompanying article detailing her outfit from head to toe.  Nice!  I tell her that all that fashion advice will come in handy because I need to get something fly for my red carpet (press…just sounds nice to say “red carpet”) day on Friday.  I already planned to go Substance which is a few doors down on High Street, my favorite boutique, to find something.  They always come through for me in a pinch.  In the back of my mind, I just hope not to overdo it like at my first high school dance where I wore a Sunday school dress while everyone else was decked out in casual gear.  I don’t have many advisers in my new entertainment industry world so a lot of moments are just grab it and run and learn as you go.

While we were talking, her next client Lori Guth Moffett walked in.  She owns a yoga studio over in Harrison West (a nearby nearby neighborhood) and the girly chatter is in full swing.  Lori and I swap cards after she expressed interest in having someone write some content for her website.  I asked Lori to take some before and after photos of me, and Dairdre explained that I journal all of my appointments at Phia Salon in a blog  This time, the appointment is part of a bigger story.  My trip to LA!!!!

Here’s some pics…





Dress Shopping at Substance…

Next, it was down a few doors over to Substance to pick out a dress.  I wanted to have something that stretches my taste but I can still feel confident wearing.  It didn’t take long to find a dress.  Accessorizing was the painful part.  Given that I was leaving the next day, I wanted to walk home (love living within walking distance of so much fun stuff) with the outfit selection complete.  I had a soccer game in a few hours and I knew there was no more shopping after this.  Some of the regular gals, Aisha and Beth were there, but I was mostly helped by one of their newer hires (I will have to get her name).  In hindsight, I should have taken photos of playing dress up, but I’ll just show you a pic.  Everything’s wrinkled because they’ve been in the suitcase.



I bought more accessories than these and also a black dress as a backup, but what I’m showing you is what I actually wore on Friday.

I ran back over to Dairdre for approval and advice on how to accessorize.  She said I needed some punches of color like maybe a green or red shoe and something in those colors up top.  Dairdre also suggested that I wear heels.  Ha ha ha, she doesn’t know Sketcher, Aldo, Adidas me would not be caught dead in heels, but I was up to entertain the challenge.  Once I explained my inability to walk in heels (really lack of desire), she suggested getting a heeled shoe that had a strap because I would feel more stable/comfortable.  Then, she sent me across the street to a boutique called Undone (a boutique that recently opened up, sells lingerie and some shoes).

Shoes from Undone

By now, I had my schpeel down and was getting exhausted from this afternoon event of shopping.  The sales rep found me a pair of red shoes with a low heel.  Great!  Good enough, I thought and I forked out $140 for some shoes I wondered if I’d ever wear beyond the upcoming Friday.  That’s what ladies do, right?

Here they are, but ultimately I didn’t wear them (actually need to return them) as you’ll find out in Thursday’s journal.


The funny thing is, I took care of everything for the day with shops and a salon all on the same block, really 1/2 block.

Long Walk Home

At least I was somewhat relieved that the clothes came together.  A nap was definitely in order and led to me missing soccer (sorry Maddy), but the excitement was growing anticipation of my trip tomorrow!

Who’s that girl?



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  1. Hamilton Randall O says:

    Digging the eyebrows. Digging the do, too. Very nice contrasts.

  2. Hamilton Randall O says:

    Hey! The dress and accesories are looking hot. Great photos of them. I’m extremely impressed.

  3. You are the BOMB!

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