The Fate of Jon and Kate Plus 8


If you’re a fan, undoubtedly you watched last night’s season opener.  It was the saddest season opener I’ve ever seen for a reality show.  I won’t get into the rumor mill regarding who is or isn’t cheat on who because they have enough press about that, but I do want to talk about their relationship.  Look, I get it, $75,000 per show plus all the free trips and perks is a hard thing to pass up when you want to afford every opportunity for your children.  However, if it’s tearing your family apart, it’s time to make some sacrifices.  That’s what relationships are about.

I get Kate.  I don’t think she’s mean and evil like some of you do.  She’s very driven, and I can relate to that, and when stress hits driven people get more driven.  That’s what I see from Kate.  Jon is more laid back, but he clearly feels he got the poopey end of the stick having given up his career to be a stay at home dad, a job that’s hard with 1 or 2 kids let alone 8.  I know they have help, but I’ve read something about Kate has fired like 30 staff members over the past few months so I’m sure the level of help is not where it needs to be (case and point, the birthday party…although Kate’s blog said something about a miscommunication that led to little help and Jon’s absence during planning).

Step away from the light, turn the cameras off, move if you have to from that $1.1 million dollar home, get some couples counseling and come back if you wish and let us know how y’all turned out.  We’ll be here no matter what because we’re fans.  You know Oprah will have you on and the morning show circuit will be waiting for the tell all book and/or update when things settle.

If divorce is the way to go, don’t play that out on tv.  It will just exacerbate an already difficult situation.  At a minimum, the kids don’t need that.

Who am I?  Just a blogger with an opinion, but I’m married and live the struggles of being a dual career couple.  Trust me, it’s a lot of give and take when you’re both ambitious, and sometimes it’s lop-sided and there are rough patches but in the long run you do things for love.

Money isn’t everything…

Link to video of NBC Today Show feature story on Jon and Kate Gosselin It’s a really good discussion.

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